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The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable (Coursework Sample)

A coursework research in the filed of computer networks source..

The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
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A computer network or topology is how computers are connected to each other. This is the physical and logical connection of computers. The selection of a network is important for it determines the speed and efficiency of communication in the network. There are three types of networks which include the local area network (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN) and wide area network (WAN). These are used in accordance to the size of the area. For instance the local area network is used in areas of radius not exceeding 30 miles. It is mostly used in offices and small institutions. Comparing LAN with the other two networks, it is simple and less costly to set up, has a higher transmission and is more secure since it has few public exposures. The choice of network is determined by the cost of installation, network flexibility, reliability, and network growth. (Halsall 1985)
The chosen network should have a high bandwidth and low latency. Bandwidth expressed in bits is the data rate in a network. This is a networks capacity and thus the higher it is the faster the network. On the other hand a network with low latency is a fast network. Latency is the time it takes for data to move between two differ point in a network. It is due to data stop (hops) its route caused by routers. The more there are routers in a network the high the latency and thus the lower the speed of communication. These...
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