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Fiction Literature & Language Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


Read a play and comment on its category, briefly analyse the characters, and highlight its key themes.


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The play “A Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams is a modern tragedy. The tragedy in the play is revealed when one interprets the characters from the perspective of the genres. This can also be seen in the absence of morality in the play as well as the inability of the characters to find peace.
A character is usually in charge of his/her destiny, i.e. the protagonist’s way of life, i.e. the things he/she does are the ones that define his/her fate. In the case of a tragedy, the protagonist’s nature brings about his/her downfall as a result of an error in his/her nature. In the play, this element is portrayed in the character Blanche. Blanche’s nature of clinging to her past and her aristocratic upbringing both lead to her misery. This is ironic since her sinful ways should have caused the misery. When her relatives die, she does not consider her future when she gives up the roof over head to meet their funeral expenses. In her teaching profession, she constantly gives with little monetary rewards for her services. 

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