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Internet Marketing: Mix Of Elements To Increase Sales (Coursework Sample)


internet marketing

Internet marketing has grown to be a mix of elements a company uses to increase sales. A company can use internet marketing irrespective of it being run totally online or partially online. This mode of marketing has numerous elements though. Some of these elements are discussed below.
Website; this contains video, audio, text and images that a firm uses in explaining its products and services offered. The way this information is captures is very important if the company is to attract customers. Precise detailed and eye catching information should be used to get the customers' attention. This element is equal to a brochure in real world. Use of website is important in internet market since it establishes identity of the firm online.
Email marketing; it has a rather direct relation to the website of the firm. It shows the contacts, name and email address of the firm. The information about the firm, products and services offered are subsequently distributed. In most cases, online marketers refer to thus element as inbound marketing.
Social media marketing. It has developed to be a critical online marketing tool. This simply involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in marketing products and services by a firm. Social bookmarking platforms, for example, Digg can also be used.
Search Engine marketing. Oy refers to online marketing of a firm's website through the use of search engines. A firm's website can be improved through optimization of search engines. A firm can buy pay per click advertisements or even paying for its website to be included in website lusting directory. This is similar to listings in yellow pages in the real world.
Online article writing. A company may choose to write on its own or hire a creative writer to write the articles and publishthem online. This element is important since articles have a tendency of going vital in the internet. A phenomenon that is made possible with rr-publishing service articles have while retaining back links. This is helpful in generating and attracting online traffic to the website of the firm promotion of brand here reaches a large number of audience.
Banner advertisements. This where advertisements of products and services offered are placed to websites at a fee. Popular websites with high number of following are contacted to have advertisements placed in them. In real qotkd this is similar to advertising through newspapers, magazines and other publications.
Internet marketing mix is basically similar to the ordinary marketing mix. It involves the adaptation of 4ps of marketing, that is ; price, place, product and promotion to yge internet marketing context. Inclusion of people and process in online marketing is also essential. The following are digital marketing mix elements.
Place, traditionally, place element referred to the distribution of product to the cus...
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