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Internet of things and chatbots (Coursework Sample)


The assignment involved Internet of things and chatbots


Internet of Things and chatbots
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Week 7 Assignment
Complete the following assignment in one MS word document:
Chapter 12 –discussion question #1-3 & exercise 1 & 12 & 16
1. Chatbots are inferior in chatting since they easily misinterpret the made requests hence solving the wrong problem. This is due to a lack of ability to understand the intended customer requests. They are also time-consuming hence taking much of the clients’ time while chatting (Følstad, et al. 2018).  
2. According to Følstad, et al. (2018), chatbots have several financial benefits which include
(a). Banks will be able to gain widespread commercial success with the increased use of artificial intelligence chatbots. Banks can reach millions of their customers at a reduced cost for more conversations. The customers can air their comments about the benefits from the banks with increased ease through these AI.
(b). Chatbots help in enhancing customer support in the banking sector. Clients can securely conduct several transactions,
(c). service providers in financial sectors can give financial advice through chatbots. The customers can keep track of their financial accounts, they can also analyze their spending habits hence recommending their budget and saving plans.
(d). Chatbots help in preventing fraud in the financial sector. The chatbots help firms in monitoring and recognizing the warning signs of fraud in the financial sectors.
(e). Chatbots help in managing the internal operations of financial firms. The employees have adequate support in speeding up the financial activities within the firms.
(f). Chatbots also provide enough promotion and cross-selling in financial firms.   
3. IBM Watson will reach 1 billion people by 2018 due to the advanced spread use of artificial intelligence which has a wide range in the current technology. The technology will enable IBM Weston to reach a wide range of people within a span of short period. The implication of that is to help IBM Weston to reach a large target group hence increasing the profit margin of the firm.   
Exercise 1 
The chatbots of WeChat have the capacity of providing a comprehensive platform for messaging which allows users to send text messengers and execute other business transactions. 
Chatbots of WeChat has more functionalities compared to chatbots of Facebook. People can textual, messaging services, and voice between the customers (Sharda, et al.2020).    
Exercise 12
Research the role of chatbots in helping patients with dementia
The role of chatbots in helping patients with dementia in the provision of prominent features which include
(a). The Geofence feature triggers a message automatically to the family member who is registered under the application whenever the patient goes out the boundary. The message sends to the family member contains links showing the coordinates of where exactly the patient is at based on the latitudes and longitudes (Varshini, et al. 2020).
(b). The location detection feature allows the patient to locate his home location with the help of a dynamic maker. This feature is useful in helping the patients to re-unite with their family members back home.
(c). Voice to text conversion feature that helps the patient to understand and recognize voices for his close relatives.
(d). The face recognition feature to help the patient in recognizing the faces of the relatives in case of voice to text conversion feature fails to save the voices due to external interruptions of other voices.
(e). Memory bank feature which stores every record hence helping the patients in remembering the past events.
(f). Reminder feature which keeps the patient reminded about the disorder. This helps the patients live their lives without the assistant of their caretakers.
Exercise 16
According to Sharda, et al. (2020), the Singapore government partners with Microsoft by exploring opportunities in co-creating next-generation digital government services to enhance a Smart Nation. The partnership provides a platform to help in shifting the human understanding to computers and computing to help in transforming the industry.  
Chapter 13- discussion question #1-4 & exercise 3 & 4 & 6
1. The IoT is different from the regular Internet because it can focus on physical objects while the regular internet focuses on four constituents which include people, things, data, and processing. IoT lets devices communicate directly to each other without barriers, unlike the regular internet which may require the use of cloud servers (Hoffmann, et al. 2018). 
2. The potential of autonomous vehicles in our lives includes
(a). Enhancing the promotion of economic shifts. This increases capital percentage in the market.
(b). The vehicles will attract industrial changes in our locomotive production
(c). It will enhance the use of car insurance hence helping in accident compensation.
(d). Autonomous vehicles will also promote driving safety hence helping in traffic reduction and fatal accidents on the roads.
(e). The vehicles will also help in saving commuters time.
3. A truly smart home must have a bot to help in keeping the visitors entertained as they wait for human

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