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Addiction, Norms and Stereotype (Coursework Sample)

the task was a coursework assignment that needed responses to two questions. therefore, the sample explains what would be used to determine whether a patient is engaging in addictive behavior. additionally, it exposes how gender norms and stereotypes affect female clients' experience with social media and online gaming. source..
Addiction, Norms, and Stereotype Student’s Name Professor’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Code Date Addiction, Norms, and Stereotype Question 1 In order to determine whether a client is engaging in addictive behavior, it would be important to assess his or her mental health condition using the DSM-5 criteria for standardized addiction assessment scales and behavioral addiction. To achieve this, should collaborate and coordinate with a mental health professional. To identify the client as having behavioral addiction using the DSM-5 criteria, he or she must have gambled with increasing amounts of money to achieve excitement; found it difficult to cut down; had unsuccessful and repeated efforts to stop gambling; lies to hide the excitement involved when gambling; has jeopardized an important relationship because of gambling; gambles when distressed; is often preoccupied with gambling and relies on the provision of money from other because of the financial situations created by gambling (Kinter, 2021). To classify the client as addicted to behavioral addiction, at least four of the assessments need to have been present in the last twelve months. Question 2 Regarding gender roles and stereotyping, all sectors are affected, including the entertainment and leisure sector. The gender norms and stereotypes in leisure activities significantly shape how females experience social media and online gaming. How women are treated, perceived, and represented in these areas depends on the norms and stereotypes, which can result in negative consequences. One of the experiences is the existing challenge of abuse and harassment directed toward women on social media and gaming platforms. All these are factored down to the fact that fewer women are in the gaming industry and the stereotype of how women spend their time (Chappetta & Barth, 2020). In addition, online gaming and social media present women as over-sexualized. This makes them experience sexual harassment, cyberbullying, and hate speech more than men. In addition to underrepresentation, wom...
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