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Exercise Program Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The task was about exercise program, which the sample addresses with focus on 12-Month Strength and Conditioning Schedule for Basketball Player


Exercise Program
Student’s First Name, Middle Initial(s), Last Name
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Assignment Due Date
12-Month Strength and Conditioning Schedule for Basketball Player
Sport: Basketball
Position: Power Forward
Age: 28yrs
Sex: Male
Experience: 5yrs
Type of injury: Torn Meniscus
Need Analysis
Basketball is a muscle enduring profession that requires conditioning and strength development to guarantee success. The approach is critical in enhancing the capabilities of players to withstand the effects of fatigue, changing direction instantly, and absorbing explosive and strong contact. The players are expected to develop capabilities of playing while reacting to opponents, handling the ball, and reading defense strategy. As a result, a comprehensive program is essential in helping players to address strength, muscle size, speed, power, conditioning, and agility. Before the start of the program, it is imperative to determine the baseline, which can be established using the following tests:
Strength: Establishing the current strength is important and it and be achieved using back squat and bench press either 1RM, 3RM, and 5RM can be used. Athletes that are out of shape and younger are advised to perform 5RM while experienced athletes to take 1RM.
Power: power can be measured by vertical jump test where making lay-ups, blocking shots and dunking is used. Long jump tests measure the capability of an individual using their leg for strength.
Speed: the current speed can be measured using 10-yard sprint tests that help in generating the speed in a confined and short space.
Agility: a T-test is a useful approach that athletes should adopt in establishing their agility. The test entails sprinting forward 10 yards, shuffling back, left and right in 5yards, and backpedaling 10 yards
Conditioning: The best approach that basket players test for conditioning is a suicide strategy.
Block 1

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