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Health Information and Data Health, Medicine, Nursing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


taking adequate fruits and vegetable quantities daily results in numerous health benefits. This paper sheds light on the Australian population's fruits and vegetable consumption patterns.


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November 23, 2018
Health Information and Data
As noted by Schwingshackl et al. (2017), taking adequate fruits and vegetable quantities daily result in numerous health benefits. The National Health and Medical Research Council (2013), recommends 5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits daily. This paper offers more insight into the Australian population consumption patterns.
Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Adults
Research indicates that 50% of adults in Australia take adequate fruit portions but only 7 % take enough vegetableservings.About 24% of women meet the minimum threshold for both vegetable and fruits while men stand at 15% of the recommended consumption. Based on dietary guidelines, it is evident that vegetable consumption is lowerthan that of fruits. The Guidelines recommends a serving of 5 portions for females, and over 6 for males aged between the age of 19 and 50. Similarly, 5 servings is suitable for males aged 70, and 51/2 for males between 51 and 70. For adults between 65 to 74 years, up to 60% take sufficient fruit intake, while only 11% of them take enough vegetables. Generally, only 5% of adults eatenough vegetables and fruits whereby women comprise 8% and men only 3%. It is estimated that women aged 18 years and overtake an average of 2.5 serves of vegetables and 1.8 of fruits while men of the same age take 2.3 serves of vegetables and 1.6 of fruits.

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