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It is a topic of forensic sciences that describes sexual offences. the sexual offences discussed in this report vary in terms of their punishments and their position in the eyes of legal jurisdiction. the study suggests that Proper education and awareness should be spread on AN international level regarding these sexual offences so that people who are involved in such acts can know that they are illegal and should refrain from doing them and keep their emotions and nerves under control so that they do not hurt anyone because of their sexual desires. source..
Introduction Forensic Medicine (Sexual Offences)Ahmed Yusuf Al Matrook (AUD 17763)08547101Amity university Dubai1000000Amity university Dubai INCLUDEPICTURE "C:\\Users\\ahmedyusuf\\Library\\Group Containers\\\\WebArchiveCopyPasteTempFiles\\\\Sexual Offences Lawyer in Rohini.jpg" \* MERGEFORMAT Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Sexual Offences PAGEREF _Toc146292001 \h 11.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc146292002 \h 1Adultery PAGEREF _Toc146292003 \h 1Lesbianism/ Tribadism PAGEREF _Toc146292004 \h 3Buccal Coitus PAGEREF _Toc146292005 \h 3Necrophilia PAGEREF _Toc146292006 \h 5Masochism PAGEREF _Toc146292007 \h 6REFERENCES PAGEREF _Toc146292008 \h 9 Sexual Offences 1 Introduction Sexual offence is associated with several inhumane acts that an individual can indulge in with another individual or even an animal. These acts are illegal in almost every part of the world and campaigns are arranged against them every year, to support the victims of such acts as well as spread awareness among people about legal position of these acts. Most of these offences are done without consent of the other person, which includes the instances where an individual is not capable of giving their consent. Some of these offences can lead to death of victims, whereas others leave them traumatized for the rest of their live. Actually, there are different types of sexual offences and categorized as sexual perversion, natural and unnatural sexual offences. 2 Types of sexual offences * Natural Sexual Offences * Incest Incest involves sexual activity with an individual from inside his/ her immediate family. Incest is also known as intrafamilial sexual abuse. Nonetheless, the true relationships that can be interpreted as incest would differ from one culture to another. A number of nations have implemented their laws, which forbid this act yet there is substantial changes in actual nature of the act. The commonly seen manifestations are father-daughter incest and sibling incest. Usually, the sibling incest is recognized as most common type of sexual abuse in a family. This is five times more commonly found as compared to the father abuse. The incest involving father daughter is also very common CITATION Hay22 \l 1033 (Willacy, 2022). * Adultery INCLUDEPICTURE "C:\\Users\\ahmedyusuf\\Library\\Group Containers\\\\WebArchiveCopyPasteTempFiles\\\\Z" \* MERGEFORMAT In adultery, a married woman or man is involved in sexual intercourse with another man or woman subsequently, other than her husband or his wife subsequently. Shockingly, this means that an individual who hasn’t committed the act of adultery if he had extramarital affair but didn’t have any sexual intercourse or if he had sexual intercourse but with a person of same gender. The customary or written taboos or prohibitions against the adultery are a part of the code of marriage of almost every society. However, the adultery looks like being universal and is a common like marriage CITATION Jos21 \l 1033 (Navas, 2021). * Rape Rape is an illegal sexual act, which normally involves sexual intercourse against the victim’s will, either forcefully or by threat of the force or with the person who is not capable of giving his/ her legal consent due to deception, being unconscious, intoxicated, mentally deficient, mentally ill or have minor status. In majority of the jurisdictions, the act of rape has been mentioned as sexual assault. This act has been long considered to happen by the uncontrolled sexual desires; however, now it is comprehended as the pathological contention of the power over the victim CITATION Ann21 \l 1033 (Barstow, 2021). * Unnatural Sexual Offences * Sodomy Sodomy (sexual intercourse) is a specific sexual activity, which takes place between homosexual or heterosexual individuals. This includes bestiality, oral sex and anal sex, which is the sexual behavior taking place between an animal and a human. Such sexual activities were considered as illegal in most parts of the world and they lead to different punishments like imprisonment. Sodomy is considered as an illegal act, even in case of happening between married couples that consent to be involved in such an act. Sodomy is also replaced by the world buggery in some areas for addressing the same act CITATION DDi01 \l 1033 (Mauro, 2001). INCLUDEPICTURE "C:\\Users\\ahmedyusuf\\Library\\Group Containers\\\\WebArchiveCopyPasteTempFiles\\\\2Q==" \* MERGEFORMAT * Lesbianism/ Tribadism Lesbianism or Tribadism is the sexual intercourse that takes place between two people or women for pleasure. This act dates way back than the Ancient Greek. It can be considered as female homosexuality and is also known as sapphism, which is the tendency of a female human being to be sexually and emotionally attract to the other females. Just like a heterosexual orientation creates a wide range of behaviors, lesbianism does not show any unified face. They deny or hide their orientation of marrying, so as to get accepted by their communities or families CITATION Aak22 \l 1033 (Gaur, 2022). * Buccal Coitus The buccal coitus is the sexual gratification by vaginal or penile oral sexual intercourse and could be performed by both females and males. This act is punishable if done forcefully and done publically with the consenting partner. In this act, the victim can die, especially a minor, because of the accidental obstruction of the respiratory tract by ejaculation of semen, which lead to mechanical asphyxia. In some countries, the demanding on the buccal coitus, if it is repetitive and non-consensual, will incorporate valid ground for the divorce of married couple CITATION Moh14 \l 1033 (Khan, 2014). * Bestiality Bestiality, also called zoophilia, normally involves repetitive intense sexual activities, urges and fantasies with the animals. In the criminal statute, this act is likewise committed when an individual abets or aids the sexual acts of another person with any animal; allows the sexual acts with any animal on the premises that is under their control; in any manner promotes sexual activity with any animal including observing such an act; or films or photographs sexual activity with any animal with the aim of sexual gratification, notwithstanding it is someone else’s or their own. CITATION Jim21 \l 1033 (Singh, 2021). 3 Sexual harassment in UAE and the offences against them Sexual harassment cases against women are widespread round the world and are increasing day by day however UAE has devised all the necessary rules and regulations in order to promote safety of the females and children against such heinous acts. The crime rate of sexual activities in UAE is almost 1.5 per 100,000 women which is relatively less in front of other countries. The government of UAE is also taking measures to keep such situations in hand as well as sensitive handling of such matters is also made compulsory so that the victims don’t have to face psychological disturbances. Sexual harassment may be verbal, non-verbal and physical. UAE has made policies for granting strict punishment if anyone is found guilty of any of its types. 4 Laws for sexual harassment and offences UAE include the punishment of the crimes under Articles 358, 359, 361 and 362 of Federal Law no 3 according to the UAE penal code. According to the article 358, if any person commits any disgraceful act openly then he will be provided with a custodial sentence particularly of 6 months or more (Sucuri WebSite Firewall.n.d.). UAE also includes the law that if any person is found guilty of harassing or teasing of a female in public, either verbally or physically then he must be imprisoned for one year or more or he may be charged AED 10,000 or less. If this act is done by people holding weapons, then it involves implementation of harsher punishments. This according to the Article 359. Article 360 states punishments or the people passing inhuman comments and gestures in order to irritate others. Article 363 suggests that if anyone forces prostitution on any female then he must be detente for two years or fined accordingly. 5 Psychological effects on Victims of Sexual Abuse The physical effects of the traumatic experience of sexual assault may heal in females over the passage of time however they have to live with the most traumatic experience for the lifetime (Mental Health Program at Banyan Treatment Centers, 2022). Due to such altered state of mind it becomes difficult for females to carry out normal functions of life. This ultimately leads to generation of anxiety and stress issues in them. They may face Post traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks, sleep disorders. All of these factors may also contribute to suicidal attempts. The other psychological effects the victims may face such as * Feeling of shame. * Social isolation. * Societal pressure of facing judgments. * Haunting flashbacks of the traumatic experience. * Avoidance of places, things or people relevant to the incident. 6 Significance of sexual offences to Forensic Sciences Forensic sciences goes well and are considered necessary for investigational purposes of any types of sexual offence. Sex crimes require the proper leads n order to catch and punish the criminals. For that purpose a clear investigation including proper forensic tools usage is mandatory in order to keep the case on track and catching of the criminal in the least possible time. Forensic scientists try their best in collecting any sort of physical contact between the victim and the accused. This may include sperm and fiber or any minute trace that may be available at the place where incident happened. Physician deal with victims in the most compromising way in order to gain all the necessary information which leads to provision of any clue to the forensics (Taylor & Fra...
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