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Health Care Quality Improvement In A Hospital Of Choice (Coursework Sample)


Health care quality improvement in a hospital of choice


Nursing Continuous Quality Improvement
Continuous quality improvement includes quality assurance – the provision of services that meet appropriate standard. Problem resolution involving all departments over the issue at hand and finally quality improvement which is a continuous process involving all organizations working together across departments to produce better services of health care. Nurses like other health care professionals are part of the initiative to ensure a continuous quality improvement
Continuous Quality initiative in my work setting
I happen to be a nurse working in a local hospital. I have noted a lot of changes all that are geared towards improvement of quality.
I have witnessed the adoption of multidisciplinary approach and thus teamwork as a standard of practice. The teams are composed of a team leader direct the team and other team members with different specialty. This has improved on consultation when attending to patients, information sharing and helping where need be.
The hospital has also embraced electronic management of health records. This allows the hospital to have a well update patient records thus improved record security, efficiency and for easy retrieval. The hospital is now furnished with computers and other gadgets.
There is also a move to create new leadership that is strong enough and understands the emerging demands of the practice.
The debate around the hospital setting has always been one embracing patient safety. The management has continued to encourage the nurses and other health care givers to think about the safety of the patient before any intervention is done. Further, the health care givers now appreciate the need to be patient-centered in their provision of health care.
The hospital now appreciates the importance of effective communication. Currently, there is a proper communication channel that engages patients, health care givers and even the relatives of the patient
Moreover, the health care givers, nurses included are slowly embracing the evidence based practice where diagnosis and interventions are informed by the available evidence.
The hospital has also undergone restructuring in its design to cater for patients with different needs. Unlike before, isolation rooms are new available for patients with contagious conditions. The lighting is adequate and of the right amount. The introduction of well-maintained toilets.
Unlike before, doctors, nurses and other health care givers in the hospital that are embraced safety are rewarded. Nurses and other care givers have also been encouraged to embrace accepting responsibility for errors and adopting strategies to stop recurrence.
The need for proper monitoring in improving quality health has also been embraced
The hospital is embracing a patient centered type of care where autonomy is at the centre. Sadly, limitations of autonomy are not being addressed. The fact that medical professionals have ethical values and principles that they must abide by as professionals that occassionally are against some of the patients remains. Some patients may want that you aid them die, what is against the ethics of practice.

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