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Diabetes Lesson - Helpful Knowledge To Fight With A Chronical Disease (Coursework Sample)


Your assignment for this week entails working on an introduction for your project.


Diabetes Lesson
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Diabetes Lesson
Diabetes is a chronic disease which is characterized by patients having high glucose in the blood as a result of low insulin secretion or in ability of the body to adequately respond to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that facilitates glucose entering human cells, providing the cells with energy. Devoid of insulin makes the glucose to continue staying in the human body, meaning he sugar in the blood becomes higher than the usual, making the condition to be termed diabetes. People with diabetes often go through frequent urination, do get thirsty faster, and are usually hungry. In the lesson titled “diabetes lesson”, the learners which include nurses, patients, and patients’ families will understand the causes and management of diabetes. The lesson will utilize group approach to enhance the chances of learners’ acquisition of knowledge and skills. Diabetes was chosen as it affects many people and families globally. The learners in the lesson will include adults, children, highly educated, and lowly educated persons, thus the use of tailor made approaches that ensure the patients acquire knowledge and skills about diabetes management and causes.
Identifying and Describing the Learners
Patients, nurses, and family of patients with diabetes are the learners of the lesson. Patients are those with diabetes. Nurses are the care givers of patients with diabetes. Family of the people with the diabetes are the people who live and help patients manage their diabetic condition. They need to be educated regarding the causes and management of diabetes in order to cope with and properly manage the disease. The patients experience signs and symptoms that require attention and proper management (Burke, Sherr, & Lipman, 2014). The patients, nurses, and family of diabetes patients need to know how to test their blood for diabetes and check how they manage diabetes. Through diabetes lesson, nurses will be able to know more about the chronic disease and perform further studies that enhance the development of evidence-based approaches that help manage the condition well. Patients will as well be able to learn when their symptoms become worse and take necessary actions to help prevent adverse effects of the disease. The lesson will be able to help the family of diabetes patients know how to properly manage the condition to improve the health of the patients.
Describing the Educational Setting
The educational setting will be small and large group setting entailing classrooms, lectures, tutorials, studio teachings, and laboratory and practical sessions and will entail audiovisual attributes. The lesson will inculcate group work, role play, and discussions. The learning resources for the lesson will include books, journal articles, website and online resources, and diabetes-related documentation published by reputable organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even though the nurse staff members have the knowledge and skills in taking care of diabetes patients, the lesson aims at developing the staff. According to Burke, Sherr, and Lipman (2014), staff development aids at improving the skills and knowledge in nursing, allowing offering of high quality patient care. Therefore, nurse development will be achieved by teaching the nurses regarding evidence-based methods of diabetes management. The resources that will be used to teach the staff will be those that have been developed by highly experienced nurses in the field of diabetes. The current lifestyle calls for staff development to help impact knowledge and skills of patients regarding the best ways of preventing and managing diabetes (Burke, Sherr, & Lipman, 2014). The family education will be done in the homes of the families of patients wit

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