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History and anthropology (Coursework Sample)


writing a formal essay that will assess the unique historical conditions and experiences of the following individuals. -A Chinese immigrant labourer in Vancouver Imagine you are one of these characters, reflecting in 1925 on the way your life has changed over the past forty years in Canada


History Assignment Student’s Name University Affiliation History Assignment The Chinese population in western societies has been the topic of extensive study in the twentieth century. It is so because the Chinese settlements in the region serve as commentaries on the attitudes and behaviors of the western societies towards them (Anderson, 1987). Because of the same, many investigators in the field of sociology and anthropology developed research questions to solve problems of cultural transfer in foreign societies, social organization and community stratification in new societies. Vancouver is a typical example of a western city, which had large numbers of Chinese settlements (Amos, & Wong, 2009). The proliferation of the Chinese in the city has helped in putting forward the inherent generalization of different populations by the Europeans. Laborers from the Chinese population faced hostility, oppression, discrimination, which are only a fraction of the ordeals that shaped their lives for the last four decades. The state perceived the many Chinese immigrants in Canada as a threat in many forms. In this regard, the state intervened in the “Chinese question.” Such a move was not favorable to the Chinese laborers because it would limit their employment in public works (Anderson, 1987). Because of the rampant prejudice, discrimination and other forms of oppression the Chinese laborers encountered, for example, low employment opportunities; Chinese laborers had to find ways of surviving. Therefore, they opted to provide cheap labor. In the same context, such means of survival elicited hostile reactions from the non-Asian population (Barnholden, 2007). The theme of racism was rampant, and the Chinese population was barred from majoring in fields such as law, pharmacology, business or any other important fields for them to get white-collar jobs; therefore, they were confined to unskilled labor at low pay. As for such, some of the professionals only offered skilled services to their fellow Chinese, but the case is different in contemporary Canada. In the 21st century, the Chinese populace has shown to take part in music, politics, law, entrepreneurship and other professions (Amos, & Wong, 2009). On the other hand, the segregation from the rest of the population made the Chinese laborers settle in the most-underdeveloped places. Although there were laborers who lived more comfortably than others did, the majority of the Chinese laborers resided in wooden shacks, in conditions described as “distressed and cramped” (Anderson, 1987). Upon arrival in Canada, the Chinese immigrants took part in a variety of works. Some of them were domestic servants, merchants and the larger percentage were laborers. In the period 1880-1885, the Chinese laborers worked on the railway. Four decades later, the Chinese laborers contributed significantly to the curren

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