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How Alcohol Started To Become Popular Among Native Americans (Coursework Sample)


instructions: what led to increase in consumption of alcohol in early decades.
the sample focuses on how alcohol started to become popular among native americans,

Alcohol Consumption in American History Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Part 1 The economic and political factor was important to the development of drinking pattern in the American history. Alcohol became a better trading merchandise due to several factors. It was easily portable, it was durable, and was in high demand unlike other goods such as metals and mirrors. Its need in the trading arena led to its exposure to more people who started using it. Native Americans particularly used alcohol during land negotiations to close deals to such meetings. Drinking patterns differ across the different American groups due to several reasons. For the Hispanic communities, it is of high prevalence attributed to the hard conditions for their survival. They drink a lot to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Native Americans are average users of alcohol since it is mainly meant for luxury purposes and not all people have luxury time. Each group either culturally or religious groups use alcohol for different purposes. For example, religion discourages drinking and most religious people drink rarely. In some cultures, it is recommended as a medicine and thus individuals drink to avoid exposure to diseases (Fish, Osberg, & Syed, 2017). These factors play a lot when it comes to social and political response to drinking in the American society. Socially, there are a lot of meetings, social gatherings, and other get together (Kuntsche et al., 2015). Each of these events always has alcohol in good quantities to celebrate and keep such gatherings alive. Similarly, political meetings can be said to enhance drinking patterns. Politicians themselves control all it takes to manage the drinking patterns across the U.S. However, it is a pattern which cannot be controlled due to the rising and demand for alcohol consumption. Part 2 Industrialization, urbanization, and immigration increased the attitudes towards alcohol use in the U.S. With modern technology, the ability to develop tastier and appealing alcohol contents made it possible for more people to try alcohol. Same way, urbanization, and immigration brought people together who were exposed to alcohol for at least their first time. Trying this new thing which is addictive possibly led to good gestures that alcohol was good and more people started to drink. Modern technologies increase the danger associated with drinking for both men and women. Excessive use of alcohol is harmful to people. Technological advancements like in the transport sector which has led to the manufacture of cars have seen deaths from drunk drivers. Equally, some productions have gone wrong in different industrial areas due to workers under influence of alcohol. There are more severe problems which can be medically attributed to drinking alcohol (Vaeth, Wang‐Schweig & Caetano, 2017). Between 1890 and 1990, there was a change over women's drinking concern. Initially, women were not allowed to drink like men (Dawson et al., 2015). This was especially since alcohol was associated with masculinity. It was a gender concern that only men could drink as male dominance was a part of the play from this ea...
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