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Business Reporting and Analytics IT & Computer Science Coursework (Coursework Sample)


A three page summary that includes :
• Identifies and discusses the database tables used to create your distributed database environment
• Identifies and discusses three SQL queries to develop reports from the data query list in the case study
• Explains the typical operation of a data warehouse and data marts, along with operational considerations and constraints


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Executive summary
As indicated in the case study, DreamHome Company is a real-estate company with several branches. The company manages owner’s properties. The Company specializes in property management, by taking roles between clients and owners who wish to rent out their properties. In week one, a diagram was developed for DreamHome case study. In week two, an object oriented data model and an SQL query definition. Week three paper, outlined database operations and data recovery strategies that DreamHome Company should adopt. This week paper will highlight how DreamHome can create a distributed database
There are two major phases when designing a distributed database. These are determining the database table in the distributed database; this assists in determining the relationship between the various tables. Second phase is to identify and discussing the various SQL queries used to develop reports from data query list

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