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IT & Computer Science
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Computer Sciences and Information Technology (Coursework Sample)


Answer ALL the following homework problems from the selected chapters in your textbook:
1. Consider a simplified university database that includes information on courses (name, number, day, time, room number, and max enrollment) and on faculty teaching courses and students attending courses. Suggest a relational database for efficiently managing this information. Hint: Provide the table information for this relational database
2.Discuss how the malware might have gained access to your system. What steps can you take to check whether this has occurred? If you do identify malware on your PC, how can you restore it to safe operation?
3.Consider an attack using ICMP echo request (ping) packets that are 500 bytes in size (ignoring framing overhead). How many of these packets per second must the attacker send to flood a target organization using 0.5-Mbps link? How many per second if the attacker uses a 2-Mbps link? Or an a10-Mbps link? Show your work.
4. How do you reconcile these conflicting demands?
5. Table 9.5 shows a sample of a packet filter firewall rule set for an imaginary network of IP address that range from to Describe the effect of each rule.


Computer Sciences and Information Technology
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Computer Sciences and Information Technology
Relational Database
The best relational database to manage this information is a many-to-many relationship. Many students can enroll in one course, and a faculty can have many courses. The table courses will contain the course details (name, number, day, time, room number, and max enrollment) with courseID as its primary key. The table faculty contains information about the different faculties (such as faculty_name, head_of_faculty, courses) with facultyID as its primary key. The third table (students) will act as a junction table. Each record in this table will include a foreign key that contains the value of the primary keys of the two tables it joins. E.g. (courseID, facultyID, student_name, age, gender).



room number
max enrollment


head_of_faculty courses

PC Responding Very Slowly To Information Requests
Computer viruses and spyware slow down your PC as they mess around with things like your computer storage or hijacking your browser to pushing advertising or phishing sites. Viruses get into your computer when you click ads or links to insecure websites or open an email message or download a file (Cohen, 2017). This malware silently loads itself onto your pc and multiplies by installing itself in many places. To check whether your pc has viruses, you can perform a malware scan or observe some specific signs such as unexpected pop-up windows, strange sounds, unknown processes running in the background, and slower operations than normal. You can restore your pc to normal by running a malware scan to fix the problem.
Dos Flood Attack
Number of packets per sec=capacity of the link/ (number of packets*number of bits in each byte)
1MBPS 10^6bps and 1 byte is equal to 8bits
Each packet = 500 bytes = 4000 bits
1 Mbps = 1,000,000 bits per second
0.5-Mbps - > (0.5*1000000)/ (500*8) =125 packets per second
2.0-Mbps - > (2.0*1000000)/ (500*8) = 500 packets per second
10-Mbps - > (10*1000000)/ (500*8) = 2500 packets per second
First Step of the Common Attack Methodology
When searching publicly available information, the attacker seeks to characterize and identify the target systems, tries to map target resources, and explore for information on corporate structure, key systems in use, as well as details of specific OS and Web server used. They formulate a plan of attack using the information they obtain. As a legal and organization’s business requirements, organizations need to implement security policies as a form of administrative control (Stellios et al., 2021). Good security policies

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