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Application of Information Governance Concepts in Java Programming (Coursework Sample)


This paper is about how java programmers can apply different concepts from information governance in their working environment; it ellaborates the importance of understading the functions of program communication and the roles of executive sponsors.


Application of Information Governance Concepts in Java Programming
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Application of Information Governance Concepts in Java Programming
Java developers are some of the most important professional in the information technology sector; they are relevant to the industry since they are responsible for developing new programs for computers and upgrading them for better use-experience. Java programmers are also important components in the industry since their skills allow users to have a similar program that works on different platforms and operating systems without using extra resources. Java language is also used in different environments, including corporate servers, mobile devices and supercomputers that are used by climatologists and astronauts and therefore security is a critical component for Java developers. To guarantee seamless experiences when using Java programs and applications, Java developers use information governance concepts such as information governance strategies, understanding the importance of executive sponsors and program communication and training to guarantee continuity and success of java programs.
As a java programmer, I would ensure that I use data governance to determine the quality of data that I use to develop new programs. The java programmers should ensure that the data governance program shows the business value of the information for new programs to receive funding and support from organizations. I would also assess the uniqueness of data when developing new programs using java language to ensure that data development does not increase to an extent that new data obscures important data that can be used to prove the worth of the new programs to the organization and potential supporters.
Another importance concept that I can apply in the java programming role is assessing the role of executive sponsor when developing a high-priority and expensive program. Large organizations demand high-quality java programs and therefore, the programmer must understand the roles of executive sponsors to ensure that eh program proceeds as planned without delays caused by inadequate funds (Smallwood, 2019). For instance, if Apple Corporation approaches our organization and I get selected as the chief developer, I would ensure that I inform the executive sponsor about any new budgets and the timelines for completing specific tasks. Understanding the role of the executive is therefore a critical information governance concept that each java programmers should apply in their duties.
Program communication and training is also another importance concept that can be used by java programmers to secure their operations and increase effectiveness when developing new programs for organizations. Java programming should have a training and communication co

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