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Privacy Leaks in Using Computers and How to Prevent Them (Coursework Sample)


A research paper to explain what is privacy leaks in using computers and find a way of preventing the privacy leaks


User Prevention of Privacy Leaks.Name: Course name: Submission date: Instructor name:
Privacy is the right of an individual to have freedom unwelcomed scrutiny; it is also the ability to safeguard the information about themselves and the organization's information. It involves consent, notice, and regulatory accountability. Privacy leak is the unwanted exposure of private data or resources or even ones' self. Privacy leaks can happen in three ways: in transit, e.g., via email, web traffic, etc., at-rest data, e.g., file shares, databases, desktops, or laptops, and in use, e.g., captured from screenshots, clipboards, and other removable storage. With the growth of social media, email, and messaging along with the rise of portable devices and removable media, it is easier than ever for data to leak out. This presentation will look at how users can prevent privacy leaks, as discussed below.
User training and education.
Many users are not always clear about data protection practices or, generally, their privacy controls. Therefore, continuous user training on the privacy policies should be conducted ton the users to be able to stand to protect themselves against continuously rising privacy threats; this will help in preventing privacy leaks. Users should also be aware of safe email handling, safe browsing, which kinds of data to send to the public through platforms such as social media, and in what ways they can keep themselves

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