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Identifying the Essential Pieces of Active Directory and Account (Coursework Sample)


How to answer the questions. . .
In a few sentences answer each question. Do not give a 1- word answer or short phrase. Explain, why something is true or not. What are the implications? Risks? Summarize the business need. How does it work? Think about connecting the dots. What is missing? Are there alternatives? You are not expected to list out these questions specifically, use them simply as a guide to help you get started. Not expecting a half-page writeup, just a brief thoughtful answer.
What are the 3 essential pieces of an Active directory user account? What do they accomplish?
If a user account is deleted under what condition can it be restored? Explain.
External organizations can use what type of account? Why?
What does a guest user account provide for an External User?
What are key differences between rule-base assignment and group assignment when assigning rights?


Active Directory and Account
Active Directory and Account
What are the 3 essential pieces of an Active Directory user account? What do they accomplish?
An active directory has several components, including group policy, distribution groups, and security groups. The active directory's role is to organize and enhance access to the information in the directory of an operating system. The role of the group policy is to organize contact information into groups that require the same task. The distribution groups allow the active directory to distribute data or information to the required groups. The security groups provide the active directory with the much-required security of the computer or network. It also ensures that potential threats and weaknesses are identified and mitigated by the user.
If a user account is deleted under what condition can it be restored? Explain.

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