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User Interface Design Evaluation (Coursework Sample)


The essay talks about the semantics of effective web design


User Interface Design Evaluation
User Interface Design Evaluation
Effective web design requires a consistency which entails applying identical terminology in menus, prompts, color schemes and commands throughout the site. The site's usability can be improved by use of shortcuts that will enable users to increase the speed of accessing resources on the website. Information on the site, which includes notices and timely feedbacks, needs to be up-to-date always. To mitigate errors on the use of the site, the developers should adopt simple yet comprehensive mechanisms for handling bugs as well as permitting easy reversal of actions that reduce anxiety and encourage web users to explore various options according to Nielsen (2018).While evaluating features in the world’s worst website(, for example, the movable marquee text, animated star Gifs or the navigation layout of the homepage triggers a learning process and interest to explore the website further. The mental effort required to familiarize with the site while maintaining the reason of visit is referred to as the cognitive load. For this instance, too much information is given when one interacts with the homepage of ‘The world’s worst Website’ which can deviate the user’s attention to less trivial elements within the page. Also, there is a general lack of clarity with the information which impacts on the readability and credibility of the site.
Inconsistency in the World’s worst website
The web layout determines the basic structure of a web page which includes the content, page navigation system and positioning of web elements such as images. The display of page contents and choice of theme colors must be similar in all other pages to allow ease of use and reinforce a corporate brand identity ( Palmer, 2019).In reviewing the site, we realize the wording and buttons that make up links, page titles and page headers are inconsistent with web design standards.For instance, there are different character fonts used on the title page that depicts general disorganization.The links ‘sent us mail’ and ‘WEATHER’ don’t work as expected by the user.Also, there is an inappropriate use of Gifs, incorrect file naming and use of multiple fonts within the site. Also, the use of thick borders is bound to cause navigation problems especially when the page displays on smaller devices.
Inconsistency in corporate websites often discourages potential customers from visiting a site which negatively affects business. In maintaining consistency, the developer should lay emphasis on the use of consistent headings throughout the site, placing navigation menus at the same position in different pages and use of web icons belonging to the same family. The form elements which include text inputs and submit buttons ought to look the same throughout the site.
The Cognitive Walkthrough
The term refers to a usability evaluation process in which reviewers examine a series of tasks and evaluate the sites workability from the user’s perspective. The walkthroughs determine, among other things, how easy a new user can interact with a system as e

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