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The Current Trends in Telecommunications and Networks (Coursework Sample)


For this coursework I had to provide answers to a set of questions related to the following topics: databases, Networking&Telecommunications, E-Commerce, The use of ERP & CRM, Bussiness Intelligence, AI, the Five Forces Competition Model, strategic planning and project management, waterfall and agile software development, BYOD, data breaches, and work stressors. Unfortunately for this paper the client did not provide any feedback, but there were no complaints nor revision requests.


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What advantages and disadvantages should be discussed before an organization commits to implement Hadoop?
Some of the advantages to be discussed include Hadoop’s open-source nature, its ability to scale as the organization grows, and its high level of redundancy. The main disadvantage is Hadoop’s batch processing nature that places limitations on real-time tasks,(Stair & Reynolds, CHAPTER 5 • Database Systems and Big Data, 2018, págs. 226-227)
How can a database be enhanced to make it user-friendly to managers as well as programmers?
By having a query language that is simpler than SQL, managers could write their custom queries for whatever reason easily. On that topic, having human-friendly field names, even if it means making them a little longer, would go a long way towards reaching the goal of user-friendliness.
What are some of the current trends in telecommunications and networks?
Current trends include: The use of 5G networks, the massification of Wi-Fi access, and the use of high-bandwidth, low-latency satellite services such as Starlink  (Cryst, 2021)

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