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COIT 20246 Assignment Submission: ICT Management (Coursework Sample)


Ict management

Due date:


Written Assessment


30% of total assessment.


Electronic (see course website for details)

It will be necessary to use literature/online resources to complete this assignment, please ensure you cite and reference any such materials using the Harvard format.
DO NOT copy content directly from either the text or Internet resources: this assignment is to be in your own words. You will lose marks if you do not use your own words!
Please complete your assignment using this submission template file, inserting your responses where indicated.
DO NOT delete the marking criteria page – changes are permitted to the formatting of other pages including the headers and footers.
Please fill in the following details:

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There are ten (10) tasks, one for each week: the tasks are detailed below. There is a table to complete for each task. Please fill in the information required.
Note: Each resource summary should be around 200-300 words.
Week 1

The text discusses the elements of modern computing architecture however is largely silent on the individuals who played a role in its development. Find and summarise a resource that describes ONE such individual. The individual should have had a significant influence on the development of computers and/or components of modern computing architecture.

Title and Reference:
Cabrera, B. 2000. John von Neumann and von Neumann Architecture for Computers (1945): ThoughtCo. Retrieved from


Computers have made significant changes in the world today. Through them, organizations have managed to achieve significant benefits by atomizing their operations and ensuring that they operate in the most appropriate way possible. An important aspect of consideration is the specific individuals that made the availability of the modern computers possible. One example of such an individual is John von Neumann. The article provided by Cabrera explain that John von Neumann is the individual who created the first programmable computer, an aspect that earned him the title, “inventor of the modern computer. In the year 1936, John von Neumann managed to create a mechanical calculator known as the Z1, which is considered the first binary computer.
His motivation in creating this calculator was to have a device that can be able to calculate certain mathematical problems without the challenge of having to note down results regularly. He continued with his Z prototype and managed to create the first fully functioning computer, Z2 in the year 1939, and in the year 1941 he completed the Z3. A lot of his engineering skills and capabilities were utilized in the process of creating the Z3 product. He for example utilized used film movie tapes to store information, programs and data in the Z3 instead of paper tape. With his discovery, therefore, Neumann played a significant role in the development process of the modern computing architecture.

Week 2

The text discusses the components and activities of operating systems however is largely silent on the individuals who played a role in their development. Find and summarise a resource that describes ONEsuch individual. The individual should have had a significant influence on the writing or development of operating systems.

Title and Reference:
Moody, G. 2015. How Linux was born, as told by Linus Torvalds himself: Technica. Retrieved from

Operating systems are currently the programs that are considered very important for any computer. Currently, an individual cannot run a computer that does not have an operating system. This aspect can only be done by a highly skilled computer expert that understands computer coding and architecture. For a long time, people had made significant efforts in developing computer operating systems that can be utilized with computers for better operations. Linus Torvalds is one of the individuals that made significant efforts and achievements in developing the operating system. Patrick studied aspects of industrial engineering while he was at Ft. Worth, Texas, after which he joined General Motors organization. It is in this organization that he realized the issue of computer task problem and in the process of solving it, he developed the multi-user operating system that was non-stop. This plan was to be part of the GMR’s installation plan of the IBM system. This development became the first operating system to ever be built for computers. The other designs followed the same architecture and managed to develop significantly to the current level of operating systems that the modern ones are currently in. Mr. Robert L. Patrick, therefore, made a lead discovery and invention in the field of computer operating systems and like the article explained, he is a significantly important individual in all the development processes of the operating system.

Week 3

The Internet didn’t just appear – it was an evolution from earlier networks. Find and summarise a resource that describes ONEof the networks that led to the development of the modern Internet.

Title and Reference:
National science Foundation, (2017). A Brief History of NSF and the Internet: National Science Foundation. Retrieved from /news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=103050

The internet is currently one of the most common technology, with almost all individuals being able to access and use it for diverse reasons. The process of how the internet was developed is however an issue that many people do not understand. A number of earlier networks were developed further to create the internet. The most influential network that eventually led to this invention is the ARPANET network. The source provided explain that the ARPANET was an initial concept which was shared by Leonard Kleinrock in the year 1961. During this session, Leonard explained about ARPANET and the means through which it would provide a basis of sharing information. ARPANET was developed to provide a means through which individuals obtains the ability to share information among themselves. The article explains about engineers sharing information though certain platforms like mail and other social media platforms that were in existence then. The main difference between this network and the world wide web is that it was less comprehensive and was not common and open for all individuals to use. It is, however from its design and architecture that the internet was developed. With this regard, therefore, the ARPANET network is the most immediate network that occurred immediately before the development of the internet and it is from its design that the internet was developed.

Week 4

Ethernet is an example of a Layer Two (L2) data link protocol that is discussed in the text. Find and summarise a resource that describes the features and uses of ONE other L2 protocol that is not discussed in the text (i.e. NOT Ethernet).

Title and Reference:
Juniper, 2017. Understanding Point-to-Point Protocol: Juniper Networks. Retrieved from

Data link Layer refers to the second layer of the seven layers within the OSI model used in computer networking. This layer has a number of protocols among which include the Ethernet used for local networks, HDLC, ADCCP and the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). The article listed provides information about the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), and the means through which it is utilized in networking. The author begins by explaining that through this protocol, multi-protocol data is transmitted between points. The protocol has three main components. The first component is the ability to encapsulate diagrams that are multiprotocol, the second is a link control protocol and the third is a group of certain network control protocols, which are used to establish certain types of network-layer protocols. With this understanding, the author thus explains that this data link protocol manage to transmit information in a significantly efficient way and can be utilized to transmit data for very large distances. Unlike an Ethernet cable the physical connection between the points does not require to have a physical connection and thus it is appropriate for effective transmission of information and images in long distances. Another important feature of the PPP protocol is its ability to be utilized on a large number of physical media. These among others include copper wires, satellite links and other forms of physical connection cables to transmit data effectively.

Week 5

The text mentions the role of hackers in attacks on networked infrastructure. Find and summarise a resource that describes ONE famous or well-known hacker.

Title and Reference:
Greenberg, A. 2014. Kevin Mitnick, Once the World’s Most Wanted Hacker, Is Now Selling Zero-Day Exploits: Wired. Retrieved from /2014/09/kevin-mitnick-selling-zero-day-exploits/

The activity of hacking has been in existence since the development of computers. Individuals who are highly skilled in computing are able to breach securities of different forms of computer securities and penetrate their security to obtain unauthorised access to the securities. One of the most famous individual hackers that are currently well known is Kevin Mitnick. At one instance, Kevin Mitnick was the world’s most wanted hacker, after breaching into the securities of Nokia, Motorola and eventually the Pentagon. He was fir...
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