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Information Security IT & Computer Science Coursework (Coursework Sample)


discussing a number of issues involving information security in the modern world.


Information ISecurity
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Information ISecurity
Question I1: IConfidentiality, IIntegrity Iand IAvailability IRequirements Ifor IATMs
The Iconcepts Iof Iconfidentiality, Iintegrity Iand Iavailability Ioccur Ias Ikey Iprinciples Iof Idata Isecurity. IConfidentiality Iexamines Ithe Iprevention Iof Idata Idisclosure Ito Iunauthorized Isystems Ior Ipersons I(Gollmann, I2011). IFor Ian IATM, Ithe Itransaction Iwould Iinvolve Ithe Iphysical Ipresentation Iof Ithe Ibankcard, Ithe Ientering Iof Ithe Iuser’s Ipersonal Iidentification Inumber I(PIN) Ito Iverify Ithe Itransaction, Iand Ithe Iprocessing Iof Ithe Itransaction. ITo Iensure Iconfidentiality, Ithe IATM Isystem Iencrypts Ithe IPIN Iand Ibank Icard Inumber, Iand Ilimits Iits Iaccessibility Iand Istorage Ipoints. IIt Iis Ivital Ito Iensure Iconfidentiality Ito Imaintain Ithe Iuser’s Iprivacy I(Gollmann, I2011). I
Integrity, Ion Ithe Iother Ihand, Iseeks Ito Iprotect Iagainst Ithe Iunauthorized Imodification Iof Iinformation. IIn Ithis Iview, Ithe IATM Itransaction Ishould Imatch Ithe Iaccount Ilinked Iwith Ithe Ibank Icard I(Gollmann, I2011). IFor Iinstance, Ithe Iuser Imay Imake Ia Iwithdrawal Iand Ileave Ia Ibalance Iof I$800. IConversely, Ithe Ibank Iupdates Ithe Idata Ito Imake Ia Ireading Iof I$80, Iwhich Itranslates Ito Ia Iloss Iof I$720 Ifrom Ithe Iuser’s Ibank Iaccount. IGiven Ithe Iimpact Iof Isuch Ia Itransaction Ion Ithe Iaccount, Iit Iis Icrucial Ito Imaintain Ihigh Iintegrity Ifor Idata Isecurity Ipurposes.

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