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Relationship Between Knowledge, Data And Information (Coursework Sample)


Relationship between Knowledge, data and information


In order for us to find out the relationship between data, information and knowledge, it is very important first we know the meaning of each term. Data is basically raw facts, meaning, data itself is meaningless. Information can be defined as processed data, implying that the raw facts are processed by the computer to give out useful thing which is information. On the other hand, knowledge definition is still something of interest to many research departments, based on traditional facts, knowledge can be defined as “justified true belief” and therefore it is viewed as dynamic (Nonaka 1995). Knowledge is associated to human deeds and is made from flow of messages. In this paper we are going to base our arguments on the relationship between the three terms.
We are going to use the diagram below to help us identify the relationship between data information and knowledge with ease Context awarenessStage of awarenessDatanoyesdatainformationStage of interpretationAbility to interpret?YesNoKnowledgeInformationContext awarenessStage of awarenessDatanoyesdatainformationStage of interpretationAbility to interpret?YesNoKnowledgeInformation
Figure1 knowledge, data and information comparative to impending user
Its is now clear from the above figure that knowledge can be grasped in the memory of a person. Other terms; Knowledge based system implies that it is possible to store knowledge externally. According to Omar, knowledge can be possessed outside human brain (Omar 2004).

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