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A bout criminal case. Criminal Cases Analysis. (Coursework Sample)


the paper was a bout criminal case and it sought to determine the kind of case in the case scenario provided


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The Facts of the Case
Murder is a criminal law in this case. Murder is a case that involves individual against the state. It is a crime that endangers the general public. The case under discussion involves the person who involved in killing an insurance officer at the work place and the state. It does not involve the killer and the diseased or the family members of the dead. In this case there is no payment of damages or specific performance or injunction but it punishes the conduct that threatens the general public. The purpose of this case is not also to put suffer in a better position or to receive compensation for the death but aims at controlling the action of the society. For that reason, it seeks to rehabilitate the offender or those who have violated the law. Murder case is not a civil case because it is case that does not require punishing the offender. It is not a case that requires filing of legal suit by a private party or individual. The person who files a case in this case is not a plaintiff but the state. The kind of punishment in this case can only be either imprisonment or payment of a fine that benefits the state. Suppose it could have been a civil case the punishment could have been in the form of monetary form.
Notwithstanding, this case is also not a regulatory law or administrative law which are just procedures formulated by some governmental bodies to control the conduct of their members. Murder is a serious case more so capital offence that cannot fall under these laws. It is a crime that involves loss of life and requires serious punishment to control the conduct of the general public. It is a serious case that cannot be governed by administrative procedures as such rules cannot work in other organizations but are specific to a given agency such as insurance companies. Therefore, murder case cannot fall under regulatory or administrative laws.

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