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Use of Research Evidence by Criminal Justice Professionals Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Select a peer-reviewed journal article that reports on a research study in criminal justice, and show how
that study uses theory. It will be easier to complete this if you choose an article that openly states the
theory used in the study.
Describe the following;
The type of theory, whether hypothetical-deductive or grounded; show how the theory fits this category
the underlying resuppositions of the theory regarding the inherent tendencies of human beings and the
nature of social reality.
The abstract concepts that constitute the framework for the theory.
One hypothesis that was deduced from the theory, or the thesis that was accounted for using the
One finding that was produced from the study
How the theory explains the finding.


Use of Research Evidence by Criminal Justice Professionals
Student's Name
Use of Research Evidence by Criminal Justice Professionals
This journal analyzes the issue of research proof under-use in criminal justice strategy and practice. This is imperative to the turn of events of criminal equity dynamics. Through very much planned and actualized research, we can more readily investigate the effect of policies, projects, and daily rehearses to check whether they work," for instance, if they decrease crime. However, this study examines the theory of research evidence to show the results obtained from observational research, which gives essential information for making more informed target decisions about which interventions to utilize.
The two-community theory offers a grounded clarification of the research-practice gap; however, it gives an inadequate comprehension since it does not represent the human agency. Field experts and academicians can be imaginative and can seek out information, insightful or useful, past their quick domains of work (Cherney, 2009). While conditions make it hard for field experts and academicians to cooperate, they don't make it incomprehensible or excessively troublesome. Almost certainly, some, in reality, do work together. More research probing authoritative practices and framework impacts that sway execution choices is, in this manner, expected to test grounded suspicions.

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