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Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986). Law Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The paper was about the Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986) it is a 10-page paper written in APA format on law


Immigration Reform and Control Act (1986)
Description of Law/Act
The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, best recognized as the Immigration and Nationality Act is a reviewed and reformed current immigration laws. This act of law was approved and directed into law on Nov. 6, 1986, by the late President Ronald Raegan. The main agenda behind this regulation was to change and expand the status of a large number of unlawful immigrants set forth in the Immigration and Nationality Act.
The content of the Bill is categorized into different sections as shown below:
* Regulation of illegal immigration
* validation
* reform of legal immigration
This Bill provided illegal aliens an opportunity to apply and gain legal positions if they did meet some requirements or demands. The final decision or status of all the immigrants who had applied their applications fell into the hands of “Designated Entities” and in the end, it reached the office of the U.S. Attorney General. The bill also defined provisions for impermanent residentials travel, employment, untrue statements, arithmetic limitations, modifications for status, and better treatment of applications by “Designated Entities.” After the aliens were given a legal status or assured of a temporary lawful residence, those who applied were disqualified from receiving any forms that allowed them of receiving any public welfare assistance for the next 5 years.

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