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Legal Advice to the Friend Law Coursework Research Paper (Coursework Sample)


A good friend of yours has asked for some advice on workplace harassment. Your friend is a female kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school. According to her, the current principal’s practices are extraordinarily unfair and potentially discriminatory.
She shares with you that this principal often threatens teachers with a classroom grade change when they don’t agree with him. Your friend reminds you that teachers are responsible for personally purchasing everything in their classrooms other than the desks and that she has over $3,000 invested in kindergarten-specific materials. The principal has retaliated six previous times over the past 4 years, specifically against female teachers. Your friend is fearful that she will be moved at the end of the year because of her disagreement with a policy change.
For this Discussion Board, complete the following:
Write an e-mail to your friend with advice on her legal options under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Do you believe she has a case for workplace harassment? Support your claim with a minimum of 2 credible outside sources
You are also encouraged to personally contact local law firms (or another appropriate entity) to discuss this issue. If you have a phone conversation with a law firm or other entity, be sure to cite it properly in APA format in the text.


Legal Advice to the Friend
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Legal Advice to the Friend
Hi Jessica,
I have been thinking about the legal advice you asked me about a few days, so I’m writing to you today to advise on the same. First, discrimination of employees in the workplace is prohibited by the civil rights Act of 1964. As a teacher, you cannot work in an abusive work environment comfortably. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits any discrimination or unfair treatment forwarded to the employees (Miller Jr, 1966). Additionally, the same article of the US Constitution explicitly states that any kind of discrimination that an employee undergoes due to his /her sex should be addressed legally. The constitution, therefore, specifies the various fines which an employer would face when he/she is found guilty of harassing employees in the workplace.

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