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Ethical Reasoning Law Coursework Research Paper Essay (Coursework Sample)


Needs to be at least 2 pages long creating a scenario with one or more characters are being face with a choice to make. Options presented will call upon the reader to decide between two or more courses of action, all of which will result in the decision-maker violating a principle of ethic


Ethical Reasoning
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Ethical Reasoning
Life creates circumstances that require ethical reasoning to make choices on a daily basis. For instance, in the following scenario, two young men will face a difficult choice to make when they encounter a cruel gang.
Stewart and Sewn are two good friends. One early morning, they went on a trip to visit the scenery of Southern California. After traveling for a few kilometers, the two stumbled upon a scene involving animal cruelty. A huge gang of thieves armed with weapons has crowded on the left side of the road, poking two dogs leashed to a stump. Stewart and Sewn love dogs and are members of animal welfare that fights for the protection of animal rights. They are also members of an organization that advocates peace all over California. They did not have any weapon to fight the gang. Subjecting animals to cruelty is punishable by law and can lead to life imprisonment. Stewart and Sewn get confused and do not know the right steps to take to ensure the safety of the dogs in such a situation. Without wasting much time, Sewn quickly runs to the scene and tries to engage the gang in a vivid conversation.

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