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Human trafficking Essay. Law Coursework Assignment. (Coursework Sample)


During this activity, you will have the opportunity to locate, evaluate and discuss with your peers the most current criminal justice responses to human trafficking found at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website, an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Read at least five of the news stories at the News Release area of the website
and discuss any themes you noticed in the articles. The link provided will automatically sort for news releases on the topic of human trafficking.
What prevention and prosecution approaches are appearing to be most useful in combating human trafficking? Where do you see room for improvement? What suggestions do you have to combat human trafficking in the future?


Human Trafficking
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Human Trafficking
There are various kinds of human trafficking found at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement website; the most recent one is child trafficking involving a six-month-old infant. Other human trafficking themes in the news are human trafficking with the aim of forced criminality and private gain.
Prevention and Prosecution Approaches Appearing as Most Useful in Combating Human Trafficking
The prevention and prosecution approaches appearing as most useful in countering the problem of human trafficking in the provided news are essential investigation and prosecution of the traffickers. According to Blom (2019), victims should subsequently be made comfortable to bear witness in court, thus making the prosecution process successful. If the prosecution is successful and the offenders punished accordingly, it instills fear on any individuals who would wish to perform the unlawful act of trafficking individuals minimizing the occurrence.

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