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The Judicial System (Coursework Sample)

DescriptionThe Judicial System The judicial system in the United States involves numerous decisions at different levels. Decisions of prosecutors, defense attorneys, the accused, victims, judges, and juries are all interlaced in a complex network intended to result in just outcomes. For this discussion, focus on one set of these role players in this network for close examination. Analyze the impact of the decisions this set of participants has on the overall criminal justice system. Specifically, what effects do these decisions have on the development of case law, the crime rate, the incarceration rate, and the socioeconomic, gender, and racial mix of convicted individuals? source..
The Judicial System Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Author Note The Judicial System The decisions made by critical players within the United States judicial system often carry a lot of weight. Similarly, these decisions affect people and organizations differently. A decision by the United States Supreme Court sets a precedent applied in all other court cases. However, it is vital to understand that judicial decisions affect case laws, crime rates, incarceration rates, and other critical social elements differently. Judicial decisions affect case laws in two ways. First, it determines the controversies between conflicting parties and establishes their legal duties and rights (Danziger, Levav & Avnaim-Pesso, 2011). Secondly, the decision act as the law and serves as the authority for future court decisions (Danziger, Levav & Avnaim-Pesso, 2011). Judicial decisions also influence national crime rates. Studies indicate that tough court decisions such as lengthy incarcerations and corporal punishment positively affect national crime rates (Bindler & Hjalmarsson, 2020). A well-established instance would be a court issuing the death sentence to an offender. Some studies link increased incarceration rates with judicial decisions. A study by scholars noted that judges’ decisions to deny bail, the decision to imprison offenders, and so on leads to an increase in the prison population (Travis, Western & Redburn, 2014). Another critical factor or the importance of judicial decisions is the manner in how they happen. Most people agree that judicial decisions based on race, gender, and other non-factors rather than crimes committed adversely affect the gender and racial mix of convicted individuals (Bindler & Hjalmarsson, 2020). For instance, judges who view African Ame...
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