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Global Calculator and the Environment (Coursework Sample)


This week is your opportunity to run the world! The Global Calculator gives you the opportunity to adjust all contributors to greenhouse emissions so as to meet the 2 degree target. There are many, many combinations that can meet the target, but they require different amounts of effort and expense from different sectors of society. When you are making your choices, consider the consequences for political discontent, water quality, various national economies, biodiversity, human health, financial impact (cost) and other topics we have discussed.
After you have created your scenario, it is time to share it with the class. Please take at least two screenshots to submit with your post. One should show the settings for all the levers, and one should show the cost summary. Then, please explain your scenario and why you made the choices you did. If you prefer, you can make an audio post to explain your scenario and the screenshots, instead of writing out the post. Or, you could record your screen and talk us through your scenario.
Please watch this video explaining how to use The Global Calculator: . Before you start creating your scenario, explore all the tabs and see which levers are reflected in which graphs. Discussion this week should focus on the differences among your scenarios and the consequences of those differences.
You do not have to have a perfect scenario before you post. Keep tweaking the levers during the week to explore what works and what doesn't.
The Global Calculator:


Environmental Calculator
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Environmental Calculator
Various human factors actively contribute to emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon (IV) oxide, methane and fluorinated gases. Some of these factors include building and constructions, transport, production of nuclear energy, industrial manufacturing, land user and dietary behaviors. Through the use of Global Calculator utility, several models can be modelled through combining these human factors to ensure emissions of these gases was managed below 50% to strike the UNFCC global mean temperature target of 20 Celsius in 2050. As shown in the screenshots below, the utility allowed me to vary various assumptions to come up with a pathway that was more of a simulation of how the human activities affected the rate of greenhouse gases emission.
Among the human

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