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Safety Measures on Transportation of Explosives (Coursework Sample)


safety measures on Dynamite Transportation


Dynamite Transportation
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Dynamite Transportation
Answer part A.
Dynamite is classified among the explosives since its primary elements are nitroglycerin and stabilizers. It has been classified under “Explosive, Mass Explosive Hazard” in the new Global Harmonized System. However, the Department of Transport (DOT) of the United States has developed strict rules which require vehicles transporting dynamite to display specific placards and markings to show the potential danger of the substance. These placards are responsible for identifying the vehicle transporting explosives, and according to Dyno Nobel, a list of these safety measures has been established and should be followed as follows. A diamond-shaped orange-coloured design pictured with an exploding bomb should be well displayed on the vehicle to have other people aware it is transporting an explosive (Chmieliński, 2020). If the placards have text written on them, they should be in the English language to enable everyone to read and understand them. Both the front and back of the vehicle must have placards. The vehicle should be identifiable from a distance; hence pictograms must be used. Every measure developed by the new Global Harmonized System under classification and labelling of chemicals should be met. These include precautionary declarations, signal statements, and all other crucial information identified by the manufacturer is essential. Safety Data Sheet or its copy of the product must be part of the shipping papers involved.
Answer part B.
If the vehicle transporting the explosives is happened to have an accident, there are several precautionary measures to be taken in place to handle the situation. The concerned department should be notified immediately to take the required and necessary steps (Ghaleh et al., 2019). An alarm should also be sent to the fire department to ensure the potential occurrence of

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