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Importance of Understanding Leadership Theories (Coursework Sample)


After reviewing the presentations of the Leader Interviews in thread 7.2, respond to the following questions:
What similarities and/or differences in how leaders defined leadership, management and followership?
Why is or isn’t understanding leadership theory important to leadership effectiveness in the real-world?
What key insights did you gain for this assignment?


Importance of Understanding Leadership Theories
Every leader has their definition of leadership, management, and fellowship is. In every organization, a leader performs specific functions. Leaders come up with ideas for the organization; they structure its culture. The leaders come up with ways to solve problems that the organization faces. It is essential to understand the leadership theory Every. There are similarities and differences in defining leadership, management, and fellowship.
Similarities and differences
For too many leaders, leadership is the act of determining the overall vision for the organization. Leaders come up with ideas for the organization and structure the organization's culture. A leader comes up with ways to solve problems that the organization faces; on the other hand, management is more of face-to-face interaction with employees (Juneja P. p2). Management involves getting a complete understanding of the employees. Managers structure their daily tasks to meet everyone's needs, strengths and wants (Juneja P. p5). Fellowship is the mirror image of leadership; It involves learning to be a leader. Fellowship involves learning and acquiring skills on how to be a perfect leader.
Despite the differences in the three aspects, leaders agree on some similarities. For instance, both managers and leaders are focused on improving the organization. The same case applies in fellowship; organizations' growth is always the key. Managers and leaders give out policies and changes to the organization (Guardian, p 4). The three work together in enhancing the potential of junior employees. Managers and leaders act as the company's role models.

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