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Social Media Engagement: Problem and Solution (Coursework Sample)


Type a full proposal of how can we engage young bank employees using social media this time and inform them of the bank website and how to use it.
I'm trying to teach young bank employees everything about the bank website by using the dragonfly method and the power of storytelling.
include everything:
Explain with an executive summary.
State the problem or need.
Propose a solution.
Share your qualifications.
Include pricing options.
Clarify your terms and conditions.
Include a space for signatures to document the agreement.
full budget
and finally the plot of 2 short videos on Instagram ( only plot) and make it creative and interesting, remember we are trying to reach the youth so the plot should not be boring but it should be professional.


Social Media Engagement
Due Date
Executive Summary
Working in the banking industry means interacting with many people from different backgrounds, and diversity brings people of varied ages, cultures, and races together. Young people are continuously joining the workforce, and engaging with them is crucial as they perpetuate the company’s values and ideals. The advent of social media has provided an ideal tool to engage with them both at the workplace and at home.
Social Media Engagement
Problem and Solution
Using traditional channels such as slides, notes, and posters is becoming mundane for the young generation. Thus, engaging with the youth requires outside-the-box thinking. Social media content needs to be creative to educate and engage (Goodman, n.d.). “Engaging” involves pushing organizational excellence by emotional connection to foster change and growth. Engaged employees are builders and consistently exceed targets (Rai, 2012). Technological advancement has given rise to video and messaging platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack that have become popular with young people. As a result, most interactions happen on these platforms.
Our team has over five years of experience in curating content for social media engagement. We curate content for educational and marketing purposes, and our clientele includes healthcare providers, financial service providers, and manufacturers. We are confident that we will meet your expectations working with your social media channels by adopting social media strategies, executing processes from rigorously analyzed data, and customizing content unique to your organization.
Service Description
Our team develops a dynamic and iterative social content schedule to assist in reaching your objectives, beginning with basic and well-planned preparation. We want to involve youthful employees through hashtag campaigns, and sharing information from the company’s website using the company’s private Slack channel. In addition, we shall have gifts and rewards for employees who are active and quick to engage in your content through the Slack platform. We will consolidate mastery of the website’s content to fit your company’s expectations through clear communication and monthly quiz challenges. We will agree on a timetable for a series of Instagram posts to keep the excitement going.
Billing Rates
Our billing cycle runs for three months, where collection are made the first week after the third month. Here is a breakdown of our prices and services:
ServicePrices QuantitySubtotal
Monitoring & Engagement$1,000.001$1,000.00
Analytics & Reporting$1,000.001$1,000.00
Posting/Content Creation$2,000.001$2,000.00
Terms and Conditions
Elements of this proposal may be modified in discussion with the customer prior to a contractual agreement. [Client.FirstName] [Client.LastName] of [Client.Company], at the discretion of [Sender.Company].
Upon reading and agreeing on a contractual arrangement with us, you can terminate the agreement by sending us a written letter with seven days’ notice.
Your signature below shows your approval of this social media educational campaign proposal and your engagement in a legal arrangement with [Sender. Company] commencing on the date indicated below:
Plot 1
For our Instagram post, we will sho

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