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Confounding V Ariables And Critically Solving A Aproblem (Coursework Sample)


confounding v ariables and critically solving a aproblem


Confounding variable is a variable additional to the independent variable that influences the outcome on the dependent variable. The main aim of carrying out research is to come up with an unintended inference on the influence of an independent variable on a dependent variable. For a person to come up with a definite conclusion, they must be able to rule out the probability of additional effects on the dependent variable further than independent variable that has swayed the result. Participants are casually assigned circumstances that there are no other effects that influence the dependent variable. In the above sample on the elementary school teacher, the independent variable is the parent involvement, and the dependent variable is child performance on math. An independent variable is a variable that can be manipulated to test the outcome of a dependent variable(j.h, 2014). In this contest, the parent’s involvement in child learning can be managed to attain a better score of the student or poor score of the student in math task. On the other hand, a dependent variable is variable that its change is based on the presence or absence of independent variable. In this context, the performance of child on math’s results is dependent on the involvement of the parent in Childs learning. Both dependent and independent can be observed in relations of effects and foundation. Suppose there is an alteration in the independent variable; consequently an impact is found in the dependent variable. Times values of an independent and dependent variable can vary in a test and are both documented. Details of an independent variable can be influenced by experimenter as those of dependent variable can only be altered in regards to the independent variable.
In the above example, other confounding variables might have caused an improvement in students’ performance in math other than parent’s involvement. Suppose child put more effort in his/her studies than previous school session? This will reflect positively on their result. Secondly, suppose the student had stress during school session that could have caused low concentration on school work? This could result in lower performance. Thirdly, assume the teacher placed more focus on students given the note to take home as compared to the students who were not given the letter to bring back? This could cause the experimenter to manipulate the outcome of the result. Lastly, suppose the parents were aware of the research being conducted, they could work in cooperation to ensure the success of research outcome.
The problem on confounding variables can be eliminated through sound strategic design experiments and constant checks (wilson & shuttleworth, 2008). Through groups’ randomizing, strict controls deployment and comprehensive operationalization practice, eradication of confounding the third variable is made possible (2017).
About this research, it appears that the student whose parents were involved in their learning after school performed well. The study might want to conclude that parent’s involvement in child learning leads to performance improvement. Students, who performance had improved, were the ones who were given notes to take to their parents. From a sudden attention from their parents in their studies might have made the student more curious hence making them more severe in their studies. Placebo effects are seen at these points.
Suppose parents had an idea of the research being conducted, they might have corporate to confirm the hypothesis. Also, the teacher might have behaved in a way that put more emphasis on students given the note to take home. The teacher’s concentration on this student is a demand characteristic that threatens the internal validity of research since the dependent measur...
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