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Solutions to Water Scarcity and Water Pollution Coursework (Coursework Sample)


provide a solution for water scarcity and water pollution

Water scarcity has been one of the major problems our society is facing today. With the increasing amount of non-revenue water, polluted water being unfit for consumption, drought, and many more. Water scarcity has been posed as a threat on the wellbeing of people. The challenge for the society is to create a sustainable water development that could stop or slow down the depreciation of our water supply (Frauendorfer & Liemberger, 2010).
Singapore is one of the countries who do not have any natural water source (Government of Singapore, 2010). With 50% of their water source being imported by their neighboring country Malaysia (Senthilingham, 2014). Water scarcity has been one of the major problems in Singapore combined with pollution in its rivers. In lieu with this, they are challenged to create a self-sufficient and efficient technology that could resolve their water problem. One of the technological innovations Singapore has come up with is their very own NEWater (Government of Singapore, 2010).
NEWater is the brand name given to the produced water by Singapore’s PUB (Public Utilities Board) (Government of Singapore, 2010). It starts by collecting rainwater and every water source they can get (sewers, canals, drains, reservoir etc). When all of the water is collected, it is treated through a four-step series of barriers and membranes (Senthilingham, 2014). The water is purified using advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection, making it ultra clean and safe to drink (Government of Singapore, 2010). Through this process, wastewater is made free of solids, microorganisms, and contaminants resulting in a potable and reliable water supply (Senthilingham, 2014). It is even said that NEWater is cleaner than tap water (Government of Singapore, 2010).
NEWater could be a gateway to a self-sustaining and energy efficient development that can save thousands of lives who are suffering from drought and water scarcity. This product could also be a gateway to more technological innovations that could help out with our water scarcity problem.
Frauendorfer, R. & Liemberger, R. (2010). The Issues and Challenges of Reducing ...
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