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Achievement Testing and Assessment Process (Coursework Sample)


the task featured several questions regarding achievement testing, which were to be answered based on the provided course materials.


Achievement Testing and Assessment Process
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Achievement Testing and Assessment Process
Discuss the pressure that teachers experience with regard to state-wide achievement testing.
State-wide achievement testing refers to the use of standardized tests used in state-wide assessment programs to determine student's academic achievement across various grade levels. These tests are necessary for states to receive federal funding for schools (Sheperis et al., 2019). The pressure that teachers experience in relation to state-wide achievement testing is accountability pressure, which influences teaching behavior (Herman & Golan, 1991). For instance, teachers face apparent pressure to improve student test scores, especially with increased administrator concern regarding test scores. In addition, high-stakes testing is also associated with increased pressure. High-stakes testing determines whether a student is promoted or retained at a particular grade level (Sheperis et al., 2019). Therefore, it promotes pressure behavior change by relating test results with substantial consequences.
Some teachers dislike the idea of achievement testing because they believe that it does not
measure what is being taught. How would you work to gain teacher support in the assessment process?
I would work to gain teacher support in the assessment process through consultation. Teachers may perceive achievement testing as ineffective in measuring what is being taught because they lack knowledge of the fundamental measuring concepts. They may also fail to understand what students' test scores mean, lack familiarity with new standardized testing editions, or misunderstand the implications of students’ test results for classroom instruction (Sheperis et al., 2019). In this case, providing teachers with in-service training or workshops to educate them on these aspects would be critical. In addition, individual consultations with teachers for effective review and interpretation of students' test scores could significantly help gain teacher support in the assessment process.
How would you work with school administrators to facilitate a cooperative assessment process? Be sure to include a description of the strategies you would implement. 
Collaboration between school administrators and school counselors is critical in fostering a cooperative assessment process. One way to do so would be through consultations, which entails discussions regarding assessment. Administrators view counselors as collaborative case consultants expected to possess expertise and information concerning educational and assessments needs and intervention strategies (Adwards et al. 2014). Therefore, consulting would help promote cooperative assessment. Stone and Clark (2001) also note that school counselors can play advocacy roles to support school administrators

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