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Cognitive Psychology in the Classroom Psychology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


the coursework outlines how to respond to various classroom situations.


Cognitive Psychology in the Classroom
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Imagine you are a classroom teacher. Select a grade level and subject you are teaching. Identify the standards you want students to know and be able to do.
In any type of classroom, the teacher should identify the standards that he/she would want the students to know at the end of the lesson or course (Breedlove & Watson, 2013). This is only possible through the use of cognitive strategies, which are also called procedural facilitators. Assuming that I am a teacher Literature in lower secondary school, I would choose the identification (observation), explanation, and demonstration as the major standards of concern among the learners. This is because the learners at this stage (Brown & Green, 2015) have not developed their cognitive ability to grasp more abstract ideas and concepts in literature.
Using principles of cognitive psychology, describe how you will use these three instructional strategies: elaboration; prior knowledge; and visual imagery to ensure meaningful learning.

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