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Digital Well Being Psychology Coursework Research Essay (Coursework Sample)


Question to answer:
How much time do you spend on your phone or certain apps in particular? For iPhone users, you can check ScreenTime in settings. For Android users, you can check Digital Wellbeing in settings or download Action Dash. If you do not have either option, then try to estimate your typical usage. Next, is it possible to be "addicted" to your smartphone, and do you agree with the implications of social media on people’s distractibility, self-esteem, and social relationships? Finally, if there is a problem, should responsibility be placed on the individual, parents of children, technology companies, or all three? When constructing your paper I’d like you to incorporate at least 3 examples of how reinforcement principles relate to smartphone habits (See Learning Lecture Slides Here). In other words, you should consider the relation to positive and negative reinforcement, as well as reinforcement schedules (variable/ratio and fixed/interval).


Smartphone Addiction
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Smartphone Addiction
An average human being who has access to a smartphone spends at least three hours and fifteen minutes online, accumulating to 35 days every year. These statistics apply for people who use their phones at minimal levels. However, some people spend four to five hours a day or more on their smartphones, making them addicts. Smartphone addiction is a real condition and is colloquially known as nomophobia. It is a term used to describe people who cannot refrain from using their smartphones and are distracted from performing their usual duties.
Effects of Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone addiction can cause loneliness and addiction in the user. Most people are attracted to the possibility of having a vibrant social life on online communication platforms. Still, they forget to create and sustain physical interactions with their people (Bian & Leung, 2015). As a result, when they are offline, these people have no one to interact with. Furthermore, they develop esteem issues because they have lost touch with the physical environment.

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