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Psychology Coursework About Non Verbal Communication (Coursework Sample)


Discussion On An Observation Made On Individuals With Regards To Non-verbal Communication And The Kind Of Message That I Was Receiving From Their Actions.


Nonverbal Communication
Communication is important to human life since we rely on information for us to make decisions. It is, therefore, important for each person to ensure effective measures are put in place for him/her to convey the message in an appropriate manner. This paper focuses on the effectiveness of nonverbal communication by evaluating a case study involving two individuals who employed nonverbal skills in their discussion thus helping the viewer to make conclusions about their relationship.
The scenario
On a Monday afternoon, I decided to take a stroll to the park, sat at a siren corner to refresh my thoughts after a convincingly busy morning session at my workplace. At the far end, came a man and a woman walking in a manner that suggested their levels of interaction (lovers). Their dress code was enough to convince any onlooker that the individuals were economically stable due to the class of the materials used to develop their outfits. The man was in an official navy blue suit with a red shirt while the woman had a red blouse and a navy blue skirt. The code portrayed a clear indication of a well-planned session with a communicated theme of the day. It is then that they chose to relax at a site directly opposite from where I was sitting. The visual was clear and throughout their conversation I could observe their body lan

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