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Evil And Suffering In Comparison To Christianity View (Coursework Sample)


Explain the topic evil and suffering in comparison to Christianity view


Evil and suffering
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Evil and suffering in comparison to Christianity view
Something which is evil is purported to be an event or action that can cause pain. Something evil can be generated from moral deeds or they can arise from natural phenomena such as earthquakes and Tsunami CITATION Sta89 \l 1033 (Staub, 1989). For example, in 2011, an earthquake and 15m Tsunami that led to the disruption of power supply leading to the destruction of three nuclear reactors in Fukushima was an evil act causes by the natural phenomenon CITATION Yas11 \l 1033 (Yasunari, 2011). Sometimes the main reason why people ought to perform evil deeds is because of their lack of sympathy towards others, or they have a psychological disorder such as obsessive compulsive behavior. However, despite the saneness of many people, evil acts performed by normal humans continue to exist in the world. For example, the rich people committing fraud and robbing the poor their wages. These are evil acts performed by normal people. Hence, evil deeds can be perpetrated by both sane and insane people on the grounds of lack of practical consideration of the needs of others.
Christianity, on the other hand, provides that, evil and suffering are part of God's ordained plan. In that, Christians believe that we must endure pain and suffering in order to strengthen our faith in God. In accordance to the book of James 1:2-4, it is depicted that evil and suffering are test in order to produce steadfast faith that will make us perfect and complete. Humanists provide that, God will punish his people for the bad things they do. For example, Christians believe God punished Sodomites because of their adultery and idolatry CITATION Rus87 \l 1033 (Russell, 1987). On the other hand, I believe that we have humanistic feelings and desires bring a free will to do what we want and some other evil related acts such as idolatry. On the other hand, the bible provides that floods and earthquakes were a sign of God's anger towards people and he sent natural disasters to punish people. On the other hand, I think human greediness and folly bring some evils such as war and famine. For example, the cause of World War 1 and II was as ...
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