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Reading The Letter To Philemon And Answering Questions Given (Coursework Sample)


the task was reading the letter to philemon and answering questions given.


Letter to Philemon
The epistle of Philemon was the shortest of all the letters that Paul wrote. The reason he wrote this letter was to beg Philemon not to punish Onesimus (Erasmus, 2016). It was an appeal for reconciliation between a master and his slave, which is an illustration of a relationship between brothers in salvation. Onesimus who was a slave to Philemon had escaped without his master’s approval and met Paul in jail where he was converted to Christianity. Paul felt that because Onesimus had become a brother in Christ, he deserved to be treated as such by Philemon. Thus, according to Paul, there should be respect between the master and slave who should do everything wholeheartedly.
Relationship between Paul and Philemon
Paul and Philemon were brothers in Christ. From the letter that Paul wrote, it shows that both knew each other before this incident. Paul addresses Philemon as “our beloved and co-worker and acknowledges how he remembers Philemon in his prayers,” (Phil 1:1). Their friendship made Paul even ask for the preparation of a guest room so that he can visit Philemon. Moreover, Paul request Philemon to welcome Onesimus as he would have welcomed him if he regarded him his partner (Phil 1:17). Both were men of God and preached the gospel and is on this basis that Paul based his request. Paul as a senior brother in faith tries to be very partial as he pleads for Onesimus to avoid influencing the decisions of Philemon if he (Philemon) decides to forgive his slave (Tolmie, 2016). Paul explains to Philemon how useful Onesimus is to them and the church. He goes further and confesses to Philemon that he would have wished to keep Onesimus to himself, but that would not be right as Onesimus was his (Philemon’s) slave and it would be better if Philemon gave Onesimus to him (Paul) voluntary. Thus, this shows that there is respect for these two gentlemen. Moreover, Paul knew Onesimus belonged to another person, and as such, it was necessary to send him back to his owner. The relationship between these two men of God was so cordial to the extent that Paul volunteered to pay anything that Onesimus owed to Philemon. In doing so, Paul goes a step further and cements his relationship with Philemon (Erasmus, 2016).
Difference Made Between Master and Slave by Onesimus’ Conversion
When Onesimus was escaping from his master Philemon, he was a slave. Their masters had exclusive rights and could punish them for any wrong doing that they wished. In extreme times, slaves would be executed by their masters. After conversion to Christianity, Paul expected to see a change in the relationship between a master and slave. For instance, Paul encouraged Philemon to take back Onesimus, not as a slave anymore, but as a fellow brother in Christ. Paul says that Onesimus was useless before he knew Christ, a thing that changed after he was converted (Erasmus, 2016). Both men would be serving God by spreading the gospel and bringing mor...
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