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Building Diagnostics Social Sciences Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


1) Require to have a real commercial building in Singapore as reference, complete with photos and diagrams as annexes after the main content. To reference to the codes stated. (3 to 5 pages) Q2) complete with photos (2000 words)


Building Diagnostics
Marina Bay Sands is a commercial building located along the Marina Bay Waterfront, Downtown Core. The building attracts many tourists in Singapore hence boosting the country’s tourism sector. Marina Bay Sand’s vision is to make a difference in Singapore. The building features three cascading hotel towers (DCLG, 2019). There is an extraordinary sky park at the top of the three towers. Marina Bay Sands also houses a lotus-inspired museum, retail stores, celebrity chef restaurants as well as entertainment theaters. During the building’s opening in 2011, most of the sections were complete. However, other parts such as the theatres and the sky park, were opened in the following subsequent days.

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