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Chemistry of Hazardous Materials (Coursework Sample)

all the student did was to provide QUESTIONS that i was to provide them with the correct answers. the questions were included in the paper source..
Chemistry of Hazardous Materials Student Name Institutional Affiliate Course Codes Date Question 1 A company is planning to transport hydrogen, carbon, and sulfur by train to another city. Identify the labels, marking, and placards that the DOT requires when transporting these elements. Hydrogen * Labels: Under shipping requirements under UN1049, The rail car (Train) must be properly marked with the name of the chemical, clearly displayed on two sides of the train, Along with all required shipping paper (copy of the SDS). * Marking: DOT requires the carrier to identify the hazardous material by properly displaying white square-on-point diamonds or orange panels with the identification number on each side of the packaging. * Placards: Must have a class 2.1 DOT Flammable Gas Carbon * Labels: DOT requires any of the several diamond shape warnings as well as any sign with or without Pictograms to be attached to the packaging of all hazardous material in order to easily identify the specific material class, and the content. * Markings: DOT regulations required the proper display of descriptive information about the material to include name, identification number instructions weight, and specific UN number. * Placards: Must have a class 4.2 DOT Placard (Substances liable to spontaneous combustion) Sulfur * Labels: DOT requires shippers to identify the substance on a rail vehicle, DOT classifies Sulfur as a class 9 (Flammable Solid) * Placards: a Class 9 (Flammable Solid) placard must be displayed. other requirements apply to transport Sulfur depending on the type, whether its package is bulk or non-bulk, DOT does not require any labeling requirements if Sulfur is packaged in non-bulk and it is shipped in a specific shape, such as pills, granules, pellets etc. Question 2 Describe some ways that the Emergency Response Guidebook is used when responding to incidents involved the release of hazardous materials. * During any release of hazardous materials the ERG plays an extremely important role as to how to respond to the emergency: nb reach me at beauty myra likes at gee male dot com. / keep discrete. For discounted documents. By utilizing the ERG first responders can positively identify the material being released, and by the information provided in the ERG they can also calculate the approximate amount, whether the substance is flammable or toxic, and the proper way to respond the release minimizing the exposure to the hazard. The ERG provides recommended actions to be taken by first responders on the scene when an incident occurs. Question 3 Describe how the chemical characteristics, production methods, uses, and associated unique hazards of hydrogen can affect the safety of environmental health and safety (EHS) and fire science (FS) professional. * The characteristics of hydrogen can affect an EHS and a fire Science professional due to the volatility of the gas, having such gap between the lower explosive limit and the upper explosive limit, makes it a very unstable flammable gas. Question 4 A nursing home is installing their own bulk oxygen system due to their large volume of consumption. OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.104(b) (2)(iii) requires owners of bulk oxygen systems to provide noncombustible surfacing in areas where liquid oxygen might leak during operation of the system or during the filling of a storage container. If the nursing home provides an asphalt surface in areas where oxygen could potentially leak, will it be in compliance with the workplace regulation regarding oxygen? Explain your answer. •No (Asphalt is considered a combustible material so the nursing home is not in compliance with the given OSHA regulation). Whenever liquid oxygen spills in the air, it forms vapor creating a dense cloud of concentrated oxygen. The cloud formed will amass inside the clothes of anyone passing through the concentrated cloud having oxygen. It also soaks into organic material such as asphalt. Either of the problems results in dangerous situations. The oxygen cloud speeds up the process of combustion. After exposure to liquid oxygen, patients/healthcare personnel might set their clothes on fire by lighting matches or smoking directly. If a vehicle drives over asphalt that has been impregnated by liquid oxygen, the impact of the tires on the oxygen-enriched asphalt can cause a massive explosion. Also, asphalt contains tar/ coal products that can be melt and begin to combust increasing the fire. Question 5 Although coal is no longer a favored source of energy, U.S. coal mines still produced close to a billion short tons of coal. Detail 5 different forms of coal, including activated carbon, and chemical products and health hazards related to each different form. Describe DOT recommended response actions to incidents involving a release of coal and/or carbon. Types and...
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