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Creative destruction, Embeddedness, Liquid networks (Coursework Sample)


defining the concept, explaining its significance for the study of innovation, and name an author that is associated with it: 1. creative destruction 2. embeddedness 3. liquid networks 4. cool mobilization 5. three degrees of influence

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1 Creative destruction- this is the process of forming an idea which is out of minds. Here, individuals who may be referred as opportunist, takes advantage of the disturbed state of economy to come up with new innovations. They try to bring this innovation in order to curb the problem in the economy. (slide 9 pg 5 & slide 6)
2 Embeddedness- this is when the state of an economy is constrained by other factors rather than economic factors. These includes; social cultural and political issues. Creativity is conceptualized differently across cultures and societies. This cognitive difference affects the rate of innovation among these different cultures. These differences results to different personalities with different thinking hence different levels of innovativeness ( Robert Westwood and David R. Low, slide 8, pg 243-245 & monicah Lindh de Montoya slide 7)
3 Liquid networks- these are ideas formed from the incongruities. This is where one comes up with ideas as a result of exploring the existing fields. For example, doctors in the laboratory may have some medicines that are able to cure a disease, but upon additional of some chemicals it may cure other diseases. The identification of these chemicals and manufacturing these new drugs is the one which may be referred as liquid network. It results to an innovation besides another. (Peter F. Drucker, slide 5 pg 5, & slide 9 pg 6)
4 Cool mobilization-this is a creative chan...
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