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Sociologists and their Sociological Theories Social Coursework (Coursework Sample)


The paper is about sociologists and their theories that improve our understanding of human behaviour.


Sociologists and their Sociological Theories
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Sociologists and their Sociological Theories
Socialization is a critical subject that contributes to the development of the concept of self. Infants are born with minimal understanding of different material objects and individuals. They all grow the same way until they reach an age of around two years when they start understanding differences between particular individuals and material things. The awareness of self in human beings occurs through non-social and social interactions with the environment. Therefore, sociological theories are critical to developing the concept of self and realization of different personalities as people undergo different sociological changes. Dominant sociologists who have contributed to socialization include Sigmund Freud with his psychoanalysis theory, Horton Cooley's looking-glass self, George Herbert Mead's 'I' and 'Me' Emile Durkheim's collective presentation, and Karl Marx's conflict theory.
Sigmund Freud is one of the early contributors to socialization; his psychoanalysis theory offers different personal development perspectives. Sigmund Freud challenges Cooley and Mead's socialized self-concepts by claiming that society and self are not separate entities (Pratten, 2013). Sigmund explains that human conduct is deep-rooted, like an iceberg that only displays its tip. Sigmund claims that human motivation is the hidden part of human conduct, hidden behind the visible tip. He divides the human mind into three sections, the id, the ego, and the superego. The id characterizes the instinctive desires, which are human nature's non-socialized aspects. Sigmund explains that the id cannot be accessed since it is an obscure part of our society. The id represents people's natural drives, including hanger, aggression, and sex drive.

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