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Different Technology Tools Which Are Required By Different Cultures (Coursework Sample)


Argumentative essay -technology and culture

Technology and Culture Name: Institution: A culture’s belief is one of the major difference in the usage of technology. Technology provides tools and different tools are required by different cultures for various purposes. This is one of the reasons various products may be embraced in different degrees in different nations. For instance, mobile phones in some cultures like in Japan are used more in texting than in calling. Using a cell phone in public is not allowed. The collective needs in Japan are valued than individuals needs. Social harmony is highly valued, and social disturbance is not allowed. However, in Italy and Spain, cell phones are used everywhere, and people can talk on their phones in public. Luddism can be simply be referred to as English working class resistance to the labour-saving machinery introduction. According to Joy, the 21st-century technology like genetic engineering, robotics and nanotechnology are a threat to the endangered species as well as to humans. Joy is thus for Luddism. He, therefore, warns people about it. On the other hand, Ray Kurzweil terms Luddism as an evitable. He questions the regulation of this technology by asking whether the cancer patients should be told that all bioengineered treatment development are cancelled as this same technology will later be harmful. CITATION WIR00 \l 2057 (STAFF, 2000) According to both Ray Kurzweil technology is an inevitable double-edged sword that could be vital and at the same depth, could be dangerous. CITATION Win03 \l 2057 (Winter, 2003). Bill Joy, however, warns against these new self-replicating technologies in the field of robotics, genetics and nanotechnology. Joy foresee the danger that these technologie...
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