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Discussing Design Thinking In A Personal Perspective (Coursework Sample)


reflective essay on course work discussing design thinking in a personal perspective


Executive Summary
In the next sixth months, I plan to complete my journey in creative design thinking. This is the peak of my learning experience because it gives me a chance to apply what I have learnt over the past. At this stage, I bring my ideas to life through a professional journey. This includes the implimentation of personal changes that I have made as a person. One of the greatest benefits that I have reaped from the course if concept development. I have learnt that an idea does not become viable without this crucial thinking process. I believe in a value chain that adds benefits in the design process. In a world where profitability is more important my plan is to suppport the creation of solutions through value based approaches. This report identifies the design thinnking process as well as the techniques used to simpify the process. This method is effective in academic, professional and personal development.
Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc495012314 \h 3Personal development PAGEREF _Toc495012315 \h 3Problem solving vs problem finding (Blog post #4 August 25 2017) PAGEREF _Toc495012316 \h 3Core Values PAGEREF _Toc495012317 \h 4Professional development PAGEREF _Toc495012318 \h 4Six Months Plan PAGEREF _Toc495012319 \h 5Visualization PAGEREF _Toc495012320 \h 5Journey Mapping and mind mapping PAGEREF _Toc495012321 \h 6Value Chain Analysis PAGEREF _Toc495012322 \h 7Brainstorming PAGEREF _Toc495012323 \h 7Concept development PAGEREF _Toc495012324 \h 7Assumption testing PAGEREF _Toc495012325 \h 7Rapid Prototyping PAGEREF _Toc495012326 \h 8Customer co-creation PAGEREF _Toc495012327 \h 8Launching PAGEREF _Toc495012328 \h 8Capturing Feedback PAGEREF _Toc495012329 \h 8Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc495012330 \h 9References PAGEREF _Toc495012331 \h 10
The contemporary business world today is about creating solutions to problems. Taking a Design Thinking course is a unique learning experience for me because it shows me how to develop ideas through creatity CITATION Bar16 \l 1033 (Barringer & Ireland, 2016). Its practical approach is an opportunity for me to sharpen my personal and professional skills. Competence in design process starts with the ideation process. It is not enough to learn about DT because applied design thinking adds more value. However, the process of developing ideas is systematic and uses techniques. Through this process, I have learnt to approach creativity from a different angle of professionalism, team work and result oriented thinking. This report describes this learning process of reasoning and learning with suggestions for further professional development ( Blog post #3 August 16 2017).
Personal development
Before this course, I used to think that creativity is an art subject that comprises of talented perfomances, artistic drawings, fashion, and sculpture. I had no idea that everyone has the ability to express creativity through the mind. In fact, I saw myself as a scientific person that was not really creative. However, DT has made me realize my inner strengths through thinking ( blog post # 1 30 July 2017). It is amazing how the world of thinking can give birth to numerous unique ideas. I feel motivated by the fact that innovation spearheads entrepreneurship because I have a business mind as a person CITATION Lie11 \l 1033 (Liedtka & Ogilvie, 2011). The group workshops have unveiled this truths in an amazing way.
Problem solving vs problem finding (Blog post #4 August 25 2017)
I am a visual person and I often channel this creativity to my social media page. However, this course has taugt me how to use blogs for sharing serious ideas that other people can understand CITATION Shr17 \l 1033 (Shresta, 2017). I used to take photos and post on Instagram and Facebook just for fun. This has changed because now I develop images through visualization, brainstoring and spotting the obvious. Using design thinking tehcniques I can create a spiral of tens of ideas through one single thought. I find it amazing that finding one solution leads to the discovery of another. It is easier to create quality ideas now because of the visualization, journey mapping, mind mapping, and brainstorming processes. These define what the idea is made of and its alternatives.
Core Values
I am a principled person and it was a relief to learn that a designer is someone with values. My focused is to use my graphic design skills to create a product that is appealing to the customer. I have in mind a plan on how to do this through mind mapping ideas and consultations from my team and professionals in the field ( blog post #5 27 August 2017) . As I keep talkin about the idea, I receive new insights. I alighn myself with the right people in order to build the right mindset. Every day, I need a stimulus so I peruse through quotes for inspiration. This allows me to follow up on my idea and plan.
Being analytical, creative and logical is important because people have different ideas. I realized that when sharing one idea with one individual, I often pick another idea from them. I am open minded so I brainstorm on new ideas for different perspectives. As a divergent thinker, I have ideas that flow freely. However, I need to channel them into a linear form through convergent thinking techniques.
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: Design thinking process and its development stages
Professional development
While doing my research on design thinking, I realized that professionnal training programmes are now offering creative tinking as a continuing education for professional development CITATION Har17 \l 1033 (Harvard University, 2017). Such course benefit leaders, business strategiest andcreative thinkers in business. I used to marvel at other people’s ideas especially in the world of innovation. I would look at different car models and wonder how someone would come up with an idea like the BMW X6 series. It looks like an aeroplane, has great performance yet operates on road networks. Technological innovations like Facebook, the TV, and smartphones are just out of the ordinary. Now I know how these come about because creativity influences all industries in product and services CITATION Gle15 \l 1033 (Glen, Suciu, Baugh, & Anson, 2015).
Learning about concept development is important because it enables me to create a story that is different from others for a competitve edge. From personal research, I can confrim tha business organizations tackle their challenges through creativity CITATION Sek13 \l 1033 (Sekeran & Bougie, 2013). Although I now know how to visualize and brains took torm, I also have to train myself on how to utilize design thinking principles such as prototypying, research and co-creation. This process teaches me to identify what works and what does not.
Six Months Plan
The world today is solving business problems through creativity CITATION Hul13 \l 1033 (Hull, 2013). In order to fulfill my mission, I need a plan on how to get my idea into the market. The design thinking process facilitates for research, negotiation and value enhancement. It gives me a simple guide on how to get started and progress to the launch. Below is a plan on how I intend to do this. However, for a professionally proven approach, I choose to implement Liedtka & Ogilvie (2011) formula of ten tools for designing growth in stages. I still have challenges settng exact timelines but the plan covers a six months period.
Creative Thinking Technique




Concept development

Definition of the idea


Value Chain Analysis

Drafting ideas using maps

Story boarding


Sketching sequence ideas



Making consultations


Assumption Testing

Analyzing systematic ideas

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2: Idea development through creative thinking
To start, I need to keep my ideas simple. I am aware that my success solely depends on my ability to break down information into simplified ideas. My favorite techniques for this process are storyboarding and the use of photographs as seen in my blogs (blog # 1 July 30 2017). This is the use of imagery or graphic experiences as representation of a product or service. Its focus is on the benefits to the end user. My idea is to carry out an assessment of the customer experience then generate an idea from that.
Journey Mapping and mind mapping
I will put into use the graphic presentation of ideas in posters with the customer in mind. This will take a systematic process of journey mapping that identifies a process for the work schedule. I learnt how to do this during workshops. At this stage, value creation is important because the customer is at the center of the idea generation. My idea of problem solving is to identify gaps and challenges in original ideas. This creates a simpler framework for journey mapping. Using my background in research, I intend to create colorful themes and interviews that describe the process CITATION Min17 \l 1033 (Mind Maps Unleashed, 2017).
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 3 : Example of mindmapping using colourful graphics
Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 4: Example of a handwritten mind map for idea generation CITATION Min17 \l 1033 (Mind Maps Unleashed, 2017)
Value Chain Analysis
I view a value chain analysis as critical in the development of a business idea because the modern consumer finds motivation in value. If I am to succeed in business, my focus in design thinking should be on producing products that make a difference. One way of adding value is to cross check the cost and benefit factors for profit margins at every stage of the idea development CITATION Dav12 \l 1033 (Davila, Epstein, & Shelton,...
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