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Intrusion Detection System (Coursework Sample)


The assignment was to identify the protection technology that is highly relevant, such as intrusion detection system, and the target network. The task required us to specify the type of activities, and data that it supports in few lines.Subsequently, the assignment required us to develop the management briefing document. This samples elaborates the intrusion detection system as protection technology. It has selected the office network as the target network.


Intrusion Detection System
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Data is critical in any existing functioning organization. It is the cornerstone of the running operation within the technical firm. Over the few decades, managers have accomplished how fundamental the information and data are crucial to their business industries. The data within the information systems need to be logical, and physically secured. Owing to this, massive numbers of tech companies, including IBM have incorporated a security system to protect their countless data (Escamilla, 1998). The utmost information security system is the intrusion detection system. This system obtains relevant information regarding an information system to implement an analysis on the latest security condition. Its main purpose is to identify the security gaps, attempted rapture, and technical vulnerability that could facilitate to potential attacks. Similarly, this consequential system can be depicted as a detector that synthesizes information originating from the system to be secured. Furthermore, this intrusion detector can initiate technical inquiries to begin the audit process, including seeking version counts for applications. This document will elaborate the target network, protection mechanism, and managerial briefing of the intrusion detection system (IDS) in financial institutions.
The Target Network
IDS supports financial transaction activities with the internet usable systems. It is appropriate when the institution owns systems that are reachable from unsecured sources. The crucial example is a web server that is reached from the internet (Fu, Zhou, & Guo, 2009). It would audit data traffic destined for the network section hosting the reachable systems. This happens in the financial organizations that integrates web servers. Moreover, the authentic data traffic would pass via firewall into an examined subnet, such as Demilitarized Zone. The public data traffic would then move via the system on its passage to the web server. Financial organizations, including banks, have employed this mechanism in online and mobile banking. Thanks to this target network, the network administrator is frequently alerted in case of dangerous financial patterns caused by online malicious activity.
Protection System
Intrusion detection system sensors are a fundamental pillar of network security in the contemporary banking industry. It has become noteworthy in fighting online malicious activities experienced by clients at the time of transaction. The system utilizes three essential kinds of information in the network. Permanent information in conformance to the technique used to discover intrusion is the first kind. A remarkable example is the knowledge base of malicious attacks (Lhotsky, 2013). Configuration data and information about the present condition of the system is the second decisive kind. It verifies the current situation of the system and notifies the technical, administrative personnel in case of an error. The third kind is the audit information that interprets the ongoing events being held in the system.
The detector eradicates unnecessary information from the audit path. This permits it to demonstrate a synthetic view of the screened associated actions. A verdict is then taken to assess the chances that theses states can be perceived as vulnerabilities or signs of intrusion. A countermeasure mechanism is then integrated to take the recommended action to avoid intrusion during executing financial transactions (Norouzian & Merati, 2011).
Management Briefing
The detector systems will facilitate a clear view of the ongoing operation within the banking network. The managers will own essential origin of information about vicious network traffic. They will be in a suitable position to identify the malicious activities before they attack their banking network. Most predominantly, the system will provide an additional layer of barricade of the firm’s security architecture. It will issue a significant alternative to the other security scope within the organization (Lhotsky, 2013).
The system will enhance response proficiency for quick detection within the company’s network. The network administrators can configure the system to end the user’s period that attempts to go against the existing policy (Escamilla, 1998). There’s the risk of unintentionally of ending an authentic user period. Nevertheless, in many cases it might be a vital tool to avoid destruction of the banking network.
Maintenance of the system is the most compelling issue. It demands extra mainte...
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