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Water Purification, Blue Light Cancellation, and Air Purification Systems (Coursework Sample)


The task is to write an Essay about (1) water purification, (2) blue light cancellation, and (3) air purification systems.


Essay about (1) water purification, (2) blue light cancellation, and (3) air purification systems.
Water Purification
The human consumption today to satisfy daily needs is greatly assisted by technology. One of such technologies that create a safer and easier access to people are the water purifiers. These are primarily used to filter contaminants that may be present in the water for a safe and microbe-free or chemical-free water to consume. Unpurified water may contain dangerous elements that can harm the consumers. That is why there is a need to test the waters and undergo treatment in order to be beneficial to the people. Industries consume billions of gallons of water everyday and a person consumes an average of 80-100 gallons everyday at home (U.S. Geological Societies, n.d.). If we are going to trace the history of the use of water purifications, we can see the progressive processes of the mechanisms from the simplest water treatment to more advanced technological applications. The process of water treatment started from early 2000 BC. Primarily, the methods include heating or boiling the water, filtration through sand and gravel, and even straining. However, these processes do not accurately ensure the absence of contaminants. The evolution of the treatment methods became evident through time. In 1500 BC, Egyptians used alum to collect suspended particles through coagulation. In 500 BC, Hippocrates used the first bad

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