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Professional Issues Assignment Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)




Table of Contents
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc8598706 \h 22.1 Legal factors PAGEREF _Toc8598707 \h 22.2 Professional factors PAGEREF _Toc8598708 \h 32.3 Employee and Social factors PAGEREF _Toc8598709 \h 42.4 Personal Factors PAGEREF _Toc8598710 \h 42.5 Intrinsic Factors PAGEREF _Toc8598711 \h 52.6 Prioritisation PAGEREF _Toc8598712 \h 62.7 Decision PAGEREF _Toc8598713 \h 73.Discussion PAGEREF _Toc8598714 \h 74.Conclusion on Analysis PAGEREF _Toc8598715 \h 85.Lesson learnt from the course PAGEREF _Toc8598716 \h 95.1.Technology Ethics PAGEREF _Toc8598717 \h 95.2 The Ethical Technologist PAGEREF _Toc8598718 \h 95.3 Habits of the Effective Technologist PAGEREF _Toc8598719 \h 105.4ACS Code of Professional Conduct PAGEREF _Toc8598720 \h 115.5Ethical Issues of the Information Age PAGEREF _Toc8598721 \h 115.6Thinking Machines PAGEREF _Toc8598722 \h 125.7The Common Denominator PAGEREF _Toc8598723 \h 125.8AI and Human Potential PAGEREF _Toc8598724 \h 135.9Final Comments (optional) PAGEREF _Toc8598725 \h 136.Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc8598726 \h 136References PAGEREF _Toc8598727 \h 15
Ethics may sound an attributive word reflecting certain components or principles existing within individual helping as guidance to behaviour. But in recent business world it will be seen that application of morality and ethics play a huge role in the entire operation of an organizational system. Ethics is basically concerned with the moral judgement that an individual has regarding the right and wrong, good or bad associated with activities, behaviour within the business organisation. Any decision taken within the company derives its importance and features from the the cultural environment of the company. This is what make ethics important component in decision making process where the individual thinking regarding right and wrong for the company’s overall growth and profit are taken into account. business organisation that reflect proper ethical behaviour combined with corporate social responsibility distinctly brings success for the business. This happens because the customers believes in the farms services to be of better quality, the employees within the organisation sustain their motivation and tenure in the organisation. It is also beneficial to attract investors as well as help in keeping the price of the stocks of the company much higher giving the farm overall a very e an important market position.
This report presents a discussion focusing on the important role that ethics play in the decision making within various domain of a business organisation. How application of ethics help in determining the effective operation of legal, professional, social, personal, employment related factors are further analysed and discussed. The discussion is wrapped with a reflection of knowledge derived and conclusion.
2. Analysis
2.1 Legal factors
Legal factors these are external factors it shows, how the law affects the way businesses operate and customers behave. While creating a web technology (Reaper) we have to look around us before we start a web technology. All the things are legally organised or legally processed. It includes many things like website design, web page development software, Registering our domain name, copyright issue, trademark issues and most importantly policies. All the factors are important but in a web technology the main legal factors are trademark, copyright and policies. Trademark, its met tags should not contain any other known trademark or words so that there is no confusion between two companies or between two similar trademarks. Copyright it means that all rights, title and interest in the copyright of all content created by a content creator is assigned to our organisation so that others companies could not frame us in any types of copyright issue that may be dangerous for us. Now here an important legal factor Policies, it does have two types Privacy policy and Terms of Use. This privacy policy describes that what personal information is taken from you when you visit this site then it also shows that how the information is used and shared with whom (Amit and Zott, 2015), it also shows us that how to rectify any errors and make changes to the personal information that was initially provided there. Terms of use it is also an important policy but we don’t read these policies we just to the end and click on I agree and then ok. So these are some legal factors which an organisation has to maintain.

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